Color of the Month: Nocturne Shade

December is a month of long nights, short days and plenty of reasons to celebrate with family and friends. This holiday season is infused with a sense of mystery carried over from childhood, coupled with smatterings of glamorous-infused festivities. Whether nighttime means cuddling under the covers with a favorite book or enjoying sips of mulled wine with friends, dark, intriguing hues take top honors this season, which is why Nocturne Shade T18-04 is the Behr Color of the Month. CONTINUE READING »

by Quinn Larson

Pinecone Bouquet

Instead of setting out a flower bouquet this holiday season opt for an exquisite pinecone bouquet full of glorious greenery. Create a perfect balance of bold colored pinecones and decorative faux pine needles! This stylish statement will be the life of the holiday festivities.


by Deanna Torrez

Instagram @BEHRPAINT