Simply Beige

There is something comforting about beige colors. The warmth of the color’s hue suggests relaxation and calmness. It works well for both interiors and exteriors. Although beiges can seem simple and maybe to some a bit boring, there is a quiet elegance that is captured with this hue. Beiges are season-less giving them longevity in your home. You can keep it simple and understated. Or because beiges are easy to coordinate with, you can easily liven them up by pairing with a pop of color. CONTINUE READING »

by Larayne Boaz

Top Colors by City: Miami

Miami is the city where pastels are always in style and these soft hues are great to create sense of openness, softness and  harmony in your home, to view these top selling colors in a room space, click here .

Colorfully Yours,


by Diana Olvera

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