Chic Entryway Storage

by Quinn Larson

The entryway is an important room in one’s home.  It’s a first impression, imparting a sense of welcome and setting the tone of your personal style to all who enter.  The use of this space is often designated as purely functional or purely decorative, which can be an under utilization of its potential.  We will show you how, with a little color and creativity, you can create a beautiful, custom, organizational unit to serve as both. 

We’ve designed this stacked box entryway storage unit to house decor items that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else. However, there is nothing to say the display couldn’t also be used to store everyday items such as, purses, shoes, sunglasses etc…

entryway storage

Any type of box can be used, from apple crates, to old drawers and curio boxes.  For a more hands on approach you can make your own boxes out of plywood, as we have done.  Plywood comes in 8’x4′ pieces; use a sheet of grid paper to measure out the desired length, width and height of your boxes from the larger piece.  Have the dimensions ready at your local hardware store, and ask that they cut the pieces to size for you.

Once your pieces are cut, paint the interior of the boxes in the color/s of your choice.  You can also paint your boxes after they are assembled. This is a great opportunity to tie in accent colors from other rooms in your home. For balance and color cohesion we suggest tying in the main wall color as a painted box or decor item.


Using your dimension sheet as a guide, line up box pieces for assembly. With a brad gun, or hammer and nails, attach the pieces together.


You can arrange your boxes and you please, just be sure to stack the boxes so the display will be stable.


Fill your boxes with decor items, plants and baskets or smaller boxes to stores shoes, purses and keys.

entryway storage

Wall: White 52, Boxes: Life is a Peach T17-05, Close Knit T17-01, Sepia Filter T17-03, Everything’s Rosy T17-06. Door: Everything’s Rosy T17-06

Invite your friends and family over to enjoy your handiwork and colorful new storage display.

To see these colors in a room of your own click here.

Colorfully yours,


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