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BEHR MARQUEE™ Interior One-Coat Color Collection Guarantee Details

Exclusive BEHR MARQUEE™ Interior One-Coat Color Collection Guarantee
BEHR MARQUEE™ Interior Paint & Primer guarantees One-Coat coverage when tinted with colors from the BEHR MARQUEE One-Coat Color Collection. (See exclusions below). If this product does not achieve one-coat coverage, follow these easy steps.
Request for Additional Product:
Step 1: Purchase Additional Paint
Purchase additional BEHR MARQUEE Interior Paint & Primer in the same color, sheen, and not exceeding amount originally purchased.
Step 2: Take Some Photos
Submit these photos with your claim:
  • A photo of your wall showing the first coat of BEHR MARQUEE Interior Paint not covering to your satisfaction.
  • A side-by-side photo of all the paint lids showing The Home Depot color/information stickers on your original gallons purchased and the new gallons purchased.
Step 3: Mail-In Refund Submission Form, Original Receipts and Photos
Complete the printable submission form. Mail in the form along with the original receipts and all the required photos.

Download Form
Request for Refund:
If you do not wish to receive additional gallons of paint, please contact our Customer Service department by emailing us at