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KILZ MAX is a water-base primer, sealer and stain blocker developed with new technology that’s formulated to perform like an oil-based product. It tackles tough stains including medium to heavy water damage, rust, smoke, nicotine, grease, tannin, ink, pencil, felt marker, pet stains and more. KILZ MAX also seals pet and smoke odors. Topcoat with latex or oil-base paint. properly prepared interior surfaces, such as: brick, ceramic tile, drywall, glass, masonry, painted metal, plaster, stucco and wood.



Where to Use
Properly prepared interior surfaces, such as: brick, ceramic tile, drywall, glass, masonry, painted metal, plaster, stucco and wood.
300 Sq. Ft - 400 Sq. Ft per Gallon

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Where to Use

Use on new drywall and plasterboard walls and ceilings. Ideal for use where rough and/or uneven surfaces prevent uniform coverage and application of the topcoat.

Surface Preparation


The following steps are recommended for best results.

  • All surfaces must be clean, free of dust, chalk, oil, grease, wax, polish, mold and mildew, loose and peeling paint, rust and all other foreign substances.
  • If washing is necessary, use a non-soapy detergent or TSP substitute, rinse well and allow to dry.
  • Mold or Mildew Covered Surfaces: Wash the area with a mildew remover, rinse with water and allow to dry before priming.
  • Masonry, Brick, Stucco & Plaster: May be used on clean, dry, aged masonry surfaces. New masonry must be allowed to cure (dry) at least 30 days before applying KILZ PRO-X High Build. Remove all curing agents prior to priming.


  • Eye protection is recommended.
  • DO NOT THIN. Product is formulated for use at package consistency only.
  • Only apply if surface, air and product temperatures are between 50º-90ºF (10º-32ºC). Stir thoroughly before and occasionally during use. Apply using an airless sprayer.
  • Brush/Roll – Not recommended
  • Airless Spray - .019” to .021” tip with any gun and inline filters removed.
  • Prime the entire surface to ensure a uniform appearance of the topcoat
  • Coverage is approximately 75 to 100 square feet per gallon at 16-21 mils. Spread rate will vary depending on surface texture, porosity and application technique.
  • Two coats recommended.
  • Stainblocking: Not formulated to block stains - For stainblocking, use KILZ® ORIGINAL, KILZ ODORLESS®, KILZ COMPLETE®, KILZ 2 or KILZ PREMIUM primers.

Dry Time

  • Dries to touch in 1 hour.
  • Recoat after 4-8 hours.
  • Full Cure: 1 week

Lower temperatures, higher humidity, poor ventilation or heavy application can significantly increase dry and recoat times.

Clean Up & Disposal

  • Clean equipment and paint splatters with warm, soapy water. If spilled, contain material and remove with an inert absorbent. Dispose of contaminated absorbent, container and unused product in accordance with all current federal, state and local regulations.
  • Do not dispose of this product down a drain. Please consider donating any unused product. For recycling or disposal information contact your local household refuse collection service.

To consult with a KILZ Certified Coatings Professional, call 1-866-PRIMER-1 (U.S.A. only).