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"For my BEHRPro Rep, it's not about selling me a product. It's about helping me make my property the best it can be. He's more like a partner than a vendor to me."

Craig Bennington
Eastwood Townhouses

As part of one of the nation’s largest professional service teams, your BEHRPro® Rep is dedicated to helping you build your business.

You have questions, your BEHRPro® rep has the answers

Armed with answers to everything from product specifications and selection options to problem resolution and estimate assistance, your BEHRPro Rep is always nearby to help on every job, no matter the scale.

Look to your BehrPro Rep for help with:

  • Job walks
  • Orders and delivery
  • Specifying product
  • Custom colors
  • Volume pricing
  • Product expertise

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From winning the job to wrapping it up, your BEHRPro Rep has the tools and resources to help you manage every job more efficiently and more economically.