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Free Job-Site Delivery

Delivering what you need, where you need it, and when
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At Behr Pro, we recognize that time is money. More specifically, your money.

Free Job-Site* Delivery

That's why we offer free job-site* delivery with routes starting as early as 5am.

You can place your order online or by phone, and we'll bring it direct to you, upstairs or down. And not just paint but supplies and materials, too.

*Where available, 24 gallon minimum

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Guaranteed Order Fulfillment

With guaranteed order fulfillment of 72 hours or less, you save time, you save money, and you get the job done right.

Buy Online for Small Orders

Smaller orders can be purchased directly through our website or through for delivery to most locations.

Home Depot offers free shipping on your paint samples and most orders over $45. ProRewards cannot be applied to online orders.

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