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"Simply put, BEHRPro® works for me and for Brethren Village."

Scott  Zeamer
Brethren Village

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"The paint showed up when we needed it, where we needed it, and did the job right the first time. I couldn't be happier."

Scott Anthony
AG Properties

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“Saving money is always great but when you’re saving it on the product you know is going to help you do the best job possible, well,that’s pretty nice.”

Jeff Cox
HCH Construction, Inc.

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"We've reduced the amount of time we had to pay people to paint and the amount of paint we use."

Steve Lentz
McKay Apartments

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"I'm more than happy with the product and really just thrilled with the service."

Mike Zakarian
MKS Construction & Inspections

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"BEHRPro helps me win business, and stay competitive in a very competitive market."

Mike Armour
Mike Armour's Custom Painting

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"For (my BEHRPro) rep, it's not about selling me a product. It's about helping me make my property the best it can be. He's more like a partner than a vendor to me."

Craig Bennington
Eastwood Townhouses

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"These products save us time, save us money, and have a positive impact on our business."

Charlie Walsh
West Chester Off-Campus Housing

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"The reason that we choose BEHR products for a lot of our projects is the durability and affordability…"

Bill Codde
Bay Cal Painting Contractors

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"It's one thing for a paint to have a good price point but it's another for it to perform. BEHR's got it all."

Eddie Del Valle
Del Valle Painting

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