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McKay Apartments

"We've reduced the amount of time we had to pay people to paint and the amount of paint we use."

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Name: Steve Lentz
Location: Wilmington, Delaware

Company Name: McKay Apartments

About the Company:
Established in 1961, McKay Apartments have been family owned and operated provider of living experience in the friendly communities of Delaware. They have over 6 apartments including Cranston Hall which is featured here.

Company Website:



Steve Lentz spends a lot of money on paint for his 680 units spread over seven apartment complexes in southern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware. Frustrated by the lack of coverage, he started using a "black line" test he devised to measure up comparable paint product coverage before making a large investment. Find out why he believed KILZ PRO-X™ was the best product to go with, in both product and time.


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