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Tools to help you run your business
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Tools For You

Here are some handy tools to help you with your business.

Paint Calculator

To borrow a phrase from our builder friends, "calculate twice, buy right once." The Behr Pro online paint calculator offers a quick and easy way to double-check your numbers before submitting a bid or buying an unwanted pail of paint.

Launch the Paint Calculator »

Color Services

Color is a tricky thing. Some people can imagine it on their walls, others need visual aids. Behr Pro Color Services can help you and your customers see the potential of every color so you can paint with complete confidence.

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Drawdown Samples

There's nothing like looking at true color to help with final selections. Your Behr Pro rep is happy to generate full-page paint samples in as many colors as you need to help you make a decision you won't just live with, but will love.

Visit Color Services »

Color Books

Customers are concerned about matching new colors and adding new ones. Behr Pro Color Books help you put those concerns to rest with paint chips, color formulas and digital renderings, displayed in a professionally produced booklet.

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Color Boards

Customized Behr Pro Color Boards are perfect for showcasing color schemes and palettes. These oversized 20" x 30" boards are a great way to bring a project to life with paint chips and optional digital renderings.

Visit Color Services »

Color Approval Books

Behr Pro Color Approval Books are just the thing to make your final color and scheme submittal stand out from the rest. Plus, they make a great reference guide for your crew and client throughout the course of the job.

Visit Color Services »

Tools For Your Customer

Your customers will find great color ideas with ColorSmart by BEHR®

ColorSmart by BEHR®

ColorSmart by BEHR® makes the final color selection process easy. ColorSmart by BEHR's room-by-room visualization helps your customers create a customized palette they won't just live with but will love.

Visit ColorSmart »