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Determine the right colors and finishes for every job and bring your vision to life with professional-grade presentation tools.

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Behr has the services and tools to help you to not only determine the right colors and finishes for every job, but can help you bring your vision to life with professional-grade presentation tools

Color Matching

Whether you're trying to match a corporate color, a competitor's chip, or the shade on a pillow your client's just got to have, Behr can do it. Using our cutting edge spectrophotometer technology, we can convert any sample into a spectrodata digital representation. Our team of color experts then assesses the color in the context of the application. Adjustments are made based upon lighting, the requirementss of the coating (i.e. hide, fade-resistance) and every color is formulated and tested for correctness of color.

Drawdown Samples

Ideal for helping you and your clients evaluate color on a large scale, Behr Drawdown Samples are availabe as 8 1/2" x 11" sheets. They're the perfect tool for narrowing down color and finish choices and making the ultimate selection that your clients won't just live with, but will love.

Project Close-Out Books

It’s natural for clients to be concerned about matching new colors on their building when repaints or refurbishments are likely down the road. Project Close-Out books contain drawdown/color formulas/specification/warranties associated with a specific project and provides a permanent record and reference of every project from start to finish to future.

Color Boards

Perfect for showcasing color schemes and palettes, these oversized 20" x 30" boards are a great way to bring your vision to life for your clients through live paint chips and optional digital renderings.

Color Approval Books

Sometimes it takes a big impression to win a big bid. BEHR PRO color approval books are just the thing to make your final color and scheme submittal stand out from the rest. Since your projects are archived, you have a great definitive reference guide throughout the course of the project.

ColorSmart by BEHR®

Chosen by architect Campion Platt as one of his four favorite apps in October 2014 issue of Architectural Digest, ColorSmart by BEHR® "makes it easy to browse and save colors, find purchasing locations, and match paints to hues in images you've selected from your device's photo album.

Wood Stain Color Tool

With Behr's Wood Stain Color Tool, you can find the right stain color, in the right finish, in the right brand. Make your selection then purchase online.

WoodSmart by BEHR®

WoodSmart by BEHR® lets you fine tune your wood coating and stain selections. From siding and decks to fences and furnitures, WoodSmart makes it easy to visualize the final appearance of every BEHR stain color in every finish.