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Our commitment to performance is uncompromised.

A Leader in Sustainability

In their 2014 ranking of the largest
companies on sustainability and
environmental impact, Newsweek and
Corporate Knights Capita ranked
Masco 23rd out of 435 companies.

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Made with 100% acrylic, Behr Premium paints stand up to even the toughest scrubbing, making them ideal for high-traffic and high-use areas in both commercial and residential settings.

Fade Resistance

Behr Premium paints, such as BEHR MARQUEE® EXTERIOR , are formulated to extend the life of color even in the harshest of settings. By introducing innovative, high-grade pigments to our products at the manufacturing stage, we're able to deliver a coating that retains its color longer, wears well, and extends the lifecycle of every job.

Advanced Technology

Every can of BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA® utilizes the latest advances in nanotechnology. The result is a denser coating that's less permeable and a finish that dries harder and tighter for the maximum in durability without a bit of compromise in appearance.

Ingredients with Integrity

Every BEHR product is formulated to deliver the best possible performance on every level. And every formula begins with the best possible ingredients. From the pigments and binders to the modifiers and mildewcides, each ingredient is selected with the final use in mind. Our commitment to using the best possible ingredients is an uncompromising as is your commitment to doing the right job.