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BEHR PREMIUM® High Build Coating No. 4700

BEHR PREMIUM® High Build Coating No. 4700

BEHR PREMIUM® Exterior High Build Coating is formulated as a self-priming concrete and masonry coating. It is a flexible,long-lasting waterproof smooth coating that withstands wind driven rain up to 98 mph and may be applied directly to “HOT” masonry surfaces with pH levels up to 13 that do not require 30 days of concrete cure prior to first use and no primer is required.

Where to Use
Recommended for use on properly prepared exterior vertical above-grade masonry, stucco, concrete block, poured and pre-cast concrete, brick, wood and metal.
75-125 Sq. Ft per Gallon dependent on application method and substrate porosity.

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Where to Use

Use on properly prepared exterior vertical above-grade masonry, stucco, concrete block, poured and pre-cast concrete, brick, wood and metal.

Usage Summary

2 Coats


Spread Rate

200-400 Sq. Ft

1 Hr.
Dry To Touch
2-4 Hrs.
Recoat Time

Soap & Water


  • Do not apply when rain or heavy dew is expected within 24 hours. Do not apply to surfaces with excessive moisture content.
  • All surfaces must be clean, sound, dry and free of dirt, dust, efflorescence, chalk, laitance, release agents, oil, grease, mildew, and other foreign materials.
  • All voids and cracks wider than 1/16" (1.5 mm), cracked mortar joints, and meetings of dissimilar materials should be patched with appropriate sealants.
  • Prime all bare wood or metal with a product such as BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Multi-Surface Primer & Sealer No. 436.


  • Use product when the surface and air temperatures are between 35-90° F.
  • Coverage: Recommended Film Thickness wet 20-30 mils, 10-15 mils dry.
  • Theoretical Spread Rate: 40-80 Sq. Ft./Gal depending on the surface texture, porosity, and application method.
  • Do not thin or apply at a greater spread rate. Product is formulated for use at package consistency only.
  • Important: Properly fill any voids and pinholes by applying at the recommended wet film thickness. Additional spot application may be needed depending on the porosity of the surface. If voids or pinholes are still open, re-apply product to these areas.
  • Brush: Nylon/polyester.
  • Roller: Use a high quality 3/4"-1 1/4" nap.
  • Conventional Roller: Apply in two coats and check application with a wet film gauge to ensure that the minimum wet film thickness of each coat is obtained. Keep roller cover saturated with material at all times. Finish off with a dry roller in downward direction to ensure a uniform finish with the stipple all in one direction. Second coat should be applied when material is no longer tacky (2-4 hours).
  • Airless Spray: 025"-.029" tip.
  • Filter: Remove. Must be topcoated with exterior BEHR® premium paints for accent and deep base colors. This is a breathable coating designed to let moisture vapor escape; do not use as a vapor barrier. Do not apply when the temperature is below 35° F (1.7° C) or when relative humidity is above 90%. Ambient temperature must be 5° F above dew point and rising.

Dry Time

  • Low temperatures or high humidity conditions will affect drying time.
  • Recoat: 2-4 hours or when product is no longer tacky.


  • Use soap and water.
  • Properly dispose of all soiled rags and protect unused product from freezing.
  • To recycle or properly dispose of paint in your community call your household refuse collection service.

To consult with a Behr Certified Coatings Professional, call Behr Pro Hotline Toll Free number at 1-877-776-3961 (U.S.A. only).