by Erika Woelfel

Nothing says endless days of summer like aqua blue. It brings to mind tropical drinks, swimming pools, cotton candy, ocean-side vacations, and big chunky jewelry against sun-kissed skin.

Aqua is also the color of supreme 50s nostalgia, as found on this chrome-covered 1958 Chevy Impala classic car. What a beautiful ride!

A highly decorative color that sits somewhere between jade green and turquoise blue, aqua has been on-trend in fashion and home décor for the past few seasons. It works well with many other high-intensity colors. Silver, black and white are three of aqua’s favorite accompaniments. I’ve also seen it paired with olive green, hot pink, bold orange and gold metallic for a real island-vacation vibe.

My all-time favorite pairing is aqua and bright coral—hot, hot, hot!

This slightly dusty aqua is terrific on summer nails. I’ve purchased a color named Gumdrop, made by Orly. Check it out at Target!

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