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An inquiry came in from a reader named Mary, who just moved into a condo and is going to make her spare room a gym room so she wants an idea on what paint colors to use. Gym rooms are perfect for those energetic colors such as orange, red and yellow to upbeat your workouts.
Hello Color Experts! I just moved into my new condo and I am turning my spare room into a gym room. The room has plenty of natural light coming in. I do not want anything dramatic maybe a feature wall and remaining walls in a lighter color. Please advise on what would work!
Thank you for your interest in BEHR Colors! We will be more than happy to provide you with an idea on how to paint your gym room.
Orange is the perfect color when it comes to getting energized and you will need that in a gym room. I will suggest Flaming Torch PPU3-3 for the accent wall and Cotton Knit PPU7-11 for the remaining walls. As for the window trim I will suggest Intellectual which is a charcoal just to add some nice contrast
Colorfully Yours,

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  • Erin says...

    I know this is an old link but hoping to get a response. My home gym has darker wood floors with white baseboards. Really liking orange or blue but open to suggestions!

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Erin,
      Orange is a very good choice for a gym since it is an energetic hue. It does not have to be a bight orange just a color with an orange tone to i and it can be an accent wall color just like in the blog post.
      Here are some great orange accent wall colors.
      Deep Fire M180-7, Japanese Koi P210-7, Moroccan Sky PPU3-01, or Glazed Pot PPU3-15.
      Colorfully Yours,

  • Gary Williams says...

    I have a home office/gym combination room (10×12) and wondering about this color combination (Flaming Torch on 3 gym walls and Cotton Knit on 1 office wall, utilizing Intellectual for trim? Ceiling: flaming torch, intellectual, or white with a cup of flaming torch mixed in?

    • Larayne Boaz says...

      Hi Gary,
      Your combination of colors works nicely together. Having Flaming Torch on 3 gym walls will bring a lot of energy to your room. intellectual on the ceiling will be a nice grounding color for the bright walls. Hope this helps!

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