BOFFO Building Fashion 2011

by Erika Woelfel

Upon recommendation of a friend, I went to see the BOFFO Building Fashion 2011 exhibit in the gallery at 57 Walker Street, NYC. BOFFO is a non-profit organization based in New York City. Its events foster the collaboration of architecture and fashion design in a series of events open to the public between now and December.

New installations open in different locations every two weeks through out the city. They were described to me as pop-up retail galleries and stores. Contemporary subject matters are explored by artists, designers, the community and the media.

I was quite unprepared for the environment I found in this 1,700 square foot gallery. One moment I was walking the rainy, noisy streets of NYC; the next moment I felt transported to the ocean floor in another galaxy.

A massive architectural sculpture surged forward to greet me, filling the room floor to ceiling with its sprawling, amorphous shape. It distinctly reminded me of a piece of giant golden coral with its reaching branches and tubular openings. The entire surface was composed of interlocking shapes like an intricate lacework. The structure, created by French architect and computer science connoisseur Marc Fornes cradled glass displays featuring hand-made jewelry by Los Angeles designer Irene Neuwirth. Inspired by the ocean, the highly acclaimed jewelry pieces punctuate the golden landscape with vibrant jade greens and coral reds. The gems themselves are raw and uncut, a hallmark of Neuwirth’s work.

If you’re in NYC in the coming week, please stop by or check the web for the next BOFFO Building Fashion installation. You won’t regret the introduction, and I guarantee you will be dazzled! Events will run through December 14.

For more views of the retail space and jewelry collection, visit: www.boffo-ny.org, https://www.contemporist.com/2011/09/30/boffo-building-fashion-installation/, www.ireneneuwirth.com, www.theverymany.com

Colorfully Yours,


All photos, Erika Woelfel, permission BOFFO

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