Color of the Month: Jade

by Erika Woelfel

The signature color for the month of March is green, leading most of us to think of shamrocks and leprechauns around St. Patrick’s day. While bold kelly green is a great color for Irish celebrations, there is another nature-inspired hue that is easier to live with in home environments: Jade.

Jade has a long and honorable history. It has been widely used for thousands of years in Asian cultures for both art and ornamentation. In China, jade symbolizes loyalty and is highly prized.


Jade is a stone containing silicate minerals. The more iron content in the stone, the greener the color. Ranging from the yellow side of green to the blue side of green, jade is the perfect color for nearly any room. Light jade make great colors in the bathroom, while darker jade colors create relaxing bedroom settings.

Light jade green refreshes and opens up a space.


the bathroom.


Rest assured you will get a good night’s sleep in a jade bedroom!


Colorfully yours,





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