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We get many inquiries from consumers asking the best way to coordinate a color palette, and create an interior theme. With thousands of colors and design styles to choose from, this can be a daunting task.   It’s and easier to do than you think, and I’ll let you in on a little secret shared by artists and designers alike.

All inspiration is borrowed from somewhere.  Artists, designers, architects all gain their inspiration from something they have seen, or experienced somewhere else.  Inspiration can come from anywhere; a time period, a photograph from a vacation, a color pairing, a painting, a piece of furniture, some fabric with a colorful pattern etc…  The inspiring piece is adapted and translated across a medium, and you can do the very same thing.  The below steps outline the process I took to coordinate the featured kids bath.

Step 1: Find your inspiration

To keep things from getting overwhelming, zero in on one room or wall to begin with.  Keep your efforts focused on that one area. I wanted to coordinate a kids bathroom, so I focused my search on bath decor themes I found interesting. While out shopping, I came across a super adorable monster themed shower curtain and bath mat. Monster kids bath- too cute! Inspiration -check.



Step 2: Select a color scheme

The easiest way to do this is to work with what you have.  What colors make up your inspiration?  I had two options, the mat and the curtain.  The mat, had three colors, while the curtain had more than six.  If you’re a novice, keep thing simple, and limit you color scheme to two to four colors.  The three colors of the mat were also present in the curtain, so the choice was an easy one. The final color scheme: lime green, navy blue and a bright orange.


Featured colors: Shasta Lake M490-7, Japanese Koi P210-7, Venom P340-7

Step 3: Match your color scheme into paint colors

Take your inspiration piece to the paint store and find color matches by comparing the chips directly against it.  If your inspiration is too big, take a selection of chips home and match them to the piece there.  You might even be able to create a custom exact match if your piece is small enough.  The paint desk associate will be able to tell you whether this is possible or not.


Step 4: Choose a wall color

When you are faced with selecting a wall color three easy options for coordination are: pick an achromatic neutral such as white, black or gray, choose a color that is present in your piece of inspiration, or, adapt a color from your palette.  What do I mean by adapt? You can alter a color to lighten it, darken it, brighten it or mute it, making it a better fit for large or small areas.  As long as the move is not extreme and the color family stays the same, it will tie together.  My color scheme contains deep and vivid colors, which would be a bit overwhelming over a large surface.  I knew I wanted white for the wainscoting and trim, and wasn’t interested in any of the other fabric colors.  I decided to adapt the bright green in my palette to a lighter, slightly more muted shade of lime green.


Featured color: Pale Green Grape M340-3

Step 5: Designate your accents

Once your wall color has been decided you can designate which decor items you’d like your accents to be. The goal is to have a balanced representation of color, which will make the room appear coordinated. If you can’t find decor items in the accent color you need, consider painting old, or new furnishings.  Soft goods like towels, pillows and rugs are come in many colors and are easily updatable.  Small details, such as these monster themed knobs, help tie colors and themes together. For the bath I painted the shelf, monster mirror and step stool in my color palette.


Shelf: Shasta Lake M490-7


Mirror: Japanese Koi P210-7, Polar Bear 75


Step Stool: Shasta Lake M490-7, Venom P340-7


Step 6: Bring it all together

Assemble your room with your inspiration piece and all the supporting players.  Take a step back and evaluate how well things have coalesced in the room.  If it isn’t to your liking make adjustments to bring in more or less of your palette colors. Remember, rooms can be a work in progress, some time may be needed to find the right elements to complete your space.


Walls: Pale Green Grape M340-3, Wainscoting: Polar Bear 75


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