Deep Greens: Beyond the Holidays

by Daniela Donato

Deep greens are popular during the holiday season but they are also versatile and livable all year long. Choosing a color that will never go out of style is important and these shades of spruce are timeless.

Our favorite greens.
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The scope of deep greens can be described to execute sophistication and class. These forest tones add to the complexity of a room and provoke deep thoughts and ideas. Accent greens are also an amazing alternative to dark grays and create a focal point in the room.

Deep leafy colors can also add a subtle botanic feel and look. Turning on a pine scented candle and adding some live greenery to a table can create an experience within a room. By activating all of the senses, you are able to bring nature inside your home. We have seen a huge nature trend and greens are the perfect color to experiment with inside your home.

Wall Color: Vine Leaf
Shelf Color: Black Suede

Pair vine greens with black to create a complex and mysterious mood. This is a great alternative to a monochromatic scheme since it will create contrast between different colors.

On the other hand, pairing deep greens with accent whites can create a modern and trendy look and feel. White accents can create a vibrant living space with a modern twist.

For the Holidays, golds and copper tones become the perfect duo when finding a color scheme for your interior decorations.

If you are searching for a lighter green to introduce inside your home, our 2020 Color of the Year is a great alternative. Make sure to check out our helpful tools on Behr.com to find your perfect green.

Colorfully yours,

Daniela Donato

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