Dipped Pine Cones

by Deanna Torrez

Pine cones began falling off the towering pine trees at my local park which made me think of the Holiday’s ahead and what I can do to create something beautiful with the pine cones. I gathered up a decent amount from the cold moist grass. Then I thought why not dip them in paint and add a little sparkly glitter to them so I can hang them from my fireplace mantel. Then so the process for my Christmas pine cones mantel began.


Step One: Purchase some cup hooks at your local Hardware store and all you have to do is screw them in.


Step Two: Purchase some string to use for dipping process, make a loose knot.


Step Three: Dip your cones in paint color of your choice; I used Ultra Pure White PPU18-6 and Butter Crème BIC-28.


Step Four: Add the glitter then hang to dry, make sure you put newspaper or some cardboard below the cones while drying because of the excess paint dripping down from the cones.



Lastly, Purchase some nice ribbon to use to hang the pine cones on the mantel. I used a variety of different ribbons and on some I added bows.


Colorfully Yours,


2 responses to “Dipped Pine Cones”

  1. Larayne says:

    Love how you decorated the mantle!

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