Go-Go Green

by Erika Woelfel

When you want to bring that feeling of the outdoors inside your home, green will be your go-to color. No matter what, the natural association of green always carries through! There is more variety in greens than other hue family in the color wheel.

Pale green represents new growth in the spring, while dark greens are reminiscent of cool, shadowy forests in the summer.  Pure grass green brings to mind a perfectly mowed lawn, and vegetable greens are the colors you can almost taste from the garden: lettuce, broccoli, beans to name a few. Earthy greens are found on dried plants, lichens, celadon glazes and desert cactus. Greens can also be blue-based, like jade, aqua and turquoise.

If you’re interested in the latest green trends for home decor, there are two versions to watch this season. The first is an ever-so-edgy botanical green, and the second a mellow, shaded olive.  Still riding the eco-friendly wave, these colors have been sighted in everything from candles to bath soaps, tech objects to dinnerware. I might even go looking for it in nail polish this fall!

Botanical green holds a vital, positive energy. It is hopeful and current, cheerfully open for change. The best example in nature would be a vibrant moss or a fresh lime. Like the color red, a little pure green will have a lot of impact in a room. It is a good idea to use vibrant green as an accent walls, or try it in accessories like throw blankets, rugs, towels and bedding. For a high tech look, try using this green with pale yellow and accents in red, gray or blue or white.

Green’s more modest character comes out in olive. This is a grounded, earth-based tone and mixes well with other neutrals like taupe, sand and driftwood gray. It is a brighter variation of muted camo greens from last season. Classic combinations using olive are russet and gold, navy and black. Updated palettes will show olive with tangerine orange, hints of pink and soft, blonde wood tones. Here are a couple versions we think you’ll like on your walls!

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