Harvest Colors

by Erika Woelfel

There is something delicious about the colors of late October. In these shortened days the morning air is crisp and apple-fresh, while evening light flows like amber-gold honey. Long walks in the woods show an abundance of chocolate brown, mushroom gray, spiced orange and wine red. The outdoor chill and rich palette always reminds me of that mug of hot cider waiting at home.

My favorite fall palette looks like something you would hibernate in:



When it comes to favorite inspirations for fall decorating my go-to’s are: Baskets of apples and pine cones, birch bark ornaments, plaid throws, leather anything, old novels, riding boots, chunky knits and candles.


Wall color: Sustainable S350-4



Wall color: Lavish Gold MQ2-14


Wall Color: Observatory PPU13-19


Wall Color: Spiced Berry S150-6

Colorfully yours,


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