Holiday Doors

by Guest Blogger

The holiday season seems to creep up faster with each passing year!  I always have good intentions in mind as I make list after list of “things to do” including holiday decorating, well before December ushers in.  We are well into December now and despite good intentions, I had to dress the exterior of my home quickly, to keep up with the “Joneses” as they say.  Santa will be arriving before we know it and perhaps this year he will enter by the front door!

I hope it’s mine . . . . but one never knows, since there are so many interesting exterior treatments, adorning front doors – in so many neighbourhoods.  Getting into the “spirit” of the season is one of the ways in which Canadians brace themselves for the long winter ahead.  Something as simple as hanging a wreath on your front door can instantly add that festive feel, especially when set against a stunning door colour.

Consider changing your wreath based on the season as a personal statement.

740-crop-wreaths 740-drops-1

Classic Silver PPU18-11, Blue Fir S430-7, Cameo White MQ3-32

Try hanging a wreath from a door knob or in front of a window.

740-crop-wreaths-2 740-drops-2

Parakeet MQ4-47, Atlantic Shoreline PPU3-04, Aging Barrel PPU5-02

Have fun experimenting with front door colours.  Go bold or quiet.

740-crop-wreaths-3 740-drops-3

Joie de Vivire MQ4-60, Recycled Glass MQ6-18, Caribe PPU13-01

Keep an eye open for Santa.  Perhaps he’ll enter through your front door this year!      


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