How to: Painted Furniture




A simple dining area featuring a dark wood table and two blue chairs.

To complete this project you will need the following:
• Paint
• Primer
• Furniture Piece
• Paint Brush or Mini-Roller
• Sandpaper or Sanding Block
• Dust Rag
A glossy black chair.
STEP 1: Sand
With a piece of sand paper or a sanding block, sand down the furniture piece. Be sure to completely remove or sand off any loose or cracking paint.
A black chair being sanded down before getting a new coat of paint.
STEP 2: Wipe Down Piece
With a damp rag wipe the piece free of sanding dust. Allow any wet spots to completely dry before proceeding to the next step.
A sanded down chair getting wiped down before getting a fresh coat of paint.
STEP 3: Prime
When the piece is clear of dust and dry, it’s ready to prime. With a paint brush or small roller, apply primer evenly over the whole piece. Allow 2 hours to dry before proceeding to next step.
A chair getting a coat of white primer.
STEP 4: Paint
With a brush or small roller, paint the piece in the color of your choice. Allow 2 hours for the first coat to dry. Reapply second coat if necessary/desired. Wait 2 hours minimum before using.
Chair legs getting a fresh coat of paint in a blue color called Blueprint.
STEP 5: Enjoy
Though the piece will be dry after two hours, we recommend allowing it to dry overnight before its first use. When ready set your refreshed piece in its new home and enjoy!
A chair completely repainted with a fresh coat of paint in a blue color called Blueprint.
Featured colors: Chair –Blueprint S470-5, Wall: Elephant Skin PPU18-16, Trim- Cotton Grey HDC-NT-20
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To view our how-to video for this project click here.
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Comments (9)

  • Debra says...

    So many great ideas!

  • K says...

    Why in the world does this article not recommend a specific paint type? Did you use indoor paint, outdoor paint, chalk paint? What sheen? I mean knowing the color selection you used is nice, but I’m actually looking for some information about how to choose the formulation I want and I’m not finding it anywhere…

    • Larayne Boaz says...

      Hi K,
      Sorry about that! The paint used for the furniture is:
      Behr Premium Plus All-In-One Primer & Sealer
      Behr Marquee, Interior Paint & Primer, Eggshell, Blueprint
      Here is the video link that was provided at the end of the article in case you are interested:

      If you wanted a shinier finish you could use a higher sheen. Also, if you want a flat or matte, and less perfected finish, you could go with chalk paint. The decision should be based on your style and the look you want for the piece and in your home. Hope that helps!

      Colorfully your,

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