Orange You Glad It’s Autumn?

by Erika Woelfel

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The air gets crisp and the days get shorter…I bring out the fall ward robe and start wearing jackets and hats again, yay! Autumn is also terrific because these months are bursting with color. Nature gives us the ultimate exuberant palette of russet and gold, orange and fiery red. It feels like nature’s festive kick-off for the holiday season.

Our first holiday, of course, is Halloween. That means costumes, candy, trick-or-treat and pumpkins! To me, the arrival of the first pumpkins is the signal that seasonal entertaining and decorating is about to start. What makes pumpkins special is that they’re only available this time of year, and they add a fun punch of color to all kinds of décor.

Pumpkin orange works well in small doses. It feels youthful and adds a bit of zing! where ever you use it. If you’re a big fan of orange and want it on the walls in an entire room, I recommend using neutrals for everything else. Cream, tan, brown or light gray on furnishings and window treatments tone down the vibrant flair of orange. Much like red, bright orange also loves to be used in combination with white and black. These colors help reduce orange’s intensity, making it easier to live with.

The nice thing about orange is that it has a broad range of color personalities. With a few helpful hints, it is easy to find an orange that can fit any décor style or mood.

Bright oranges like bonfire and sunset have a bit of heat. If paired with pink or gold, they feel a bit exotic, like a visit to an Indian bazaar.

Spicy and citrus oranges have been a popular choice for modern décor for several years. I like balancing these tones with accents in aqua or sapphire.

Apricot, coral and peach are subtle, charming and cheerful. Their pastel appeal makes them perfect for creating cozy bedrooms and warm, glowing bathrooms.

Clay tile and brick are antiqued versions of orange. While they are widely used as exterior building materials, their mellow, laid back earthiness makes them comfortable to live with indoors.

Desert sand and copper oranges are often found in southwestern decor. Olive, avocado and hunter make gorgeous green accents with earthy oranges. They provide a cool balance for the warm, rich tones.

The darkest shades of orange fall into the brown family – they are fragrant and flavorful, perfect for cozying up to on a cool fall evening beside a bonfire.

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