Oscar Night: Color Recap

by Guest 2

Another Oscar night has come and gone and the fashion and design worlds are all a buzz with who flopped and who slam dunked their ball gown dresses. With our own unique senses of what is stunning and what is horrid, it’s hard sometimes to get a clear picture of what was good or not so good. I know I would give might right arm to walk down the red carpet even if it meant wearing a burlap sack… but I digress. What we are really interested in are the trending designer dress colors right? So, what were the top Oscar gown colors seen at this year’s ceremony?

Topping the list: 50 Shades of White

Pale, pastel, almost white and white colors abounded on the red carpet this year. Among the dresses there was a strong show of colors in delicate roses, pale peaches, warm creams, bright whites as well as myriad of nudes.

On the brighter side: Red Hots

Not just plain, old, blend into the red carpet – this year’s red was fiery and hot in vibrant shades of tomato and coral. Stars donning this color were definitely making a statement amongst the sea of black and pastel.

Always formal, always elegant: Dark Blue

There were several shades of dark blue this year, from warmer deep turquoise tones, to dark and inky navy’s to the more vivid ultramarine. The men even got in on this color, one award winner looking fabulous in a navy blue tuxedo.

So there are our reigning champions of color. It will be exciting to see what comes down the dress pipeline for Prom season and of course, the company Christmas party!

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