Chalk Decorative Paint: Picture Perfect Frame

Perhaps you have something similar to our project here.  A painting or picture you inherited, found at a garage sale or did yourself.  It might be quite good and you just can’t seem to throw it away, but the frame is just a little too flashy, too shabby, or just not the right color for your space.  You would hang it up if it looked a little better, but framing can be costly.  Here is where Behr® Chalk Decorative Paint can save you time, money and present the perfect color solution! CONTINUE READING »

by Quinn Larson

Dusty Reds

At the start of autumn, when earth’s colors become muted and dusty in preparation for cooler days ahead, dusty reds like Mars Red PPU2-11, Pink Ginger PPU2-08, and Spiced Potpourri S130-6 tell this story perfectly. These colors emerge in nature as the leaves start to change and the grass begins to brown. These colors are warm and cozy like the sweaters we will soon be wearing as we walk through this seasons’ color canvas.

Colorfully yours,


by Larayne Boaz

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