Dive into Deep Blue


There was a time when painting a household wall with a deep, dark color was considered intimidating and overbearing. But that time has passed, and now a dark wall color can be cozy, inviting and comfortably chic. CONTINUE READING »

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Blue and green tones blend beautifully together to create this diverse hue that represents colors from the earth’s oceans, lakes, and rivers. With its wide range of tones, teals can create both a stimulating and soothing environment. Clean or pure teals can liven up a room, while muted teals are a great backdrop for a relaxed atmosphere for any space.

Check out the teals used above: Thai Teal M460-6, Hidden Sea Glass P450-4, Soft Turquoise P460-3, Bali Bliss PPU13-05.

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by Larayne Boaz

Instagram @BEHRPAINT