Paint a Pet Silhouette

by Diana Olvera

Silhouettes, a long-established portrait technique for people, have found new popularity as prefered pet portraits. Pet lovers looking to display the overwhelming cuteness of their beloved animals, can do so colorfully and fashionably. This entry details the fun, and easy, steps needed to create a pet silhouette like those featured in our online 2016 trend article. 

Materials needed:


Picture frame with glass or acrylic


Pet or animal  picture

Detail paint brush

Dry erase pen

Patterned paper

Scissors or utility knife

Step 1: Print dog picture

Select a picture of your own pet or find one off of the internet. Size your image so it will fit within the glass frame.

Step 2: Trace dog image

Center the picture glass over the image of your pet, and trace a complete outline with your dry erase pen.



Step 3: Flip image over

You will be painting your pet on the back of the outline you just made. Flip the glass over and clean the surface of any dirt or residue.


Step 4: Paint your pet

Select your color of choice and begin painting in your outlined pet.


Step 5: Apply second coat (optional)

Some paint colors may require you to apply a second coat. Hold your pet image up to a light source. If you can see unevenness or holes in the image, apply a second coat. If your image color appears even, and there are no holes, proceed to the next step.


Step 6: Remove outline

When the paint has completely dried flip the image over and remove the dry erase outline.


Step 7: Cut out paper background

Center your silhouette over the patterned paper of your choice. With scissors or an utility knife cut the paper to fit the frame glass.


Step 8: Place image in frame

Once in the frame you will have a stylish painted silhouette replica of your pet image. Hang or place and enjoy.



Wall color: Charcoal Plum T16-15

Dogs: Blue Vortex T16-10, Pagoda T16-02, Stratus T16-13

Colorfully yours,


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