Show your stripes!

by Erika Woelfel

There is something appealing about the crisp pattern of stripes. I love them on drapes, upholstery and rugs, and of course, on a wall. Stripes are versatile and easy to use; they can look modern, traditional or youthful. Here are some tips for using stripes at home:

  • Uniform stripes are sharp and clean.
  • Varying stripe widths feels more playful and casual.
  • Balance stripes with other less busy design elements. For example if you have stripes walls, you might keep the sofa a solid pattern.
  • Vertical stripes help rooms appear taller.
  • Horizontal bands creating a feeling of visual expansiveness.
  • An easy way to get stripes is using tone on tone

The best tool for achieving perfect stripes: painters tape!

  • To avoid that pesky seepage of paint under the tape, build paint up slowly by using a light hand with brush or roller strokes.
  • Another trick is to start with the brush or roller on the tape, and work into the area being painted.

Multi-colored striped accent wall shows stripes of varying widths. The result is dynamic and fun. The color scheme was pulled from the shower curtain, rug, towels and bath toys.

A striped multi-colored wall enhances the clean, minimalistic furniture in this dining area.

Stripes can also be created with different color sheens on the wall. Congo green stripes alternates between eggshell and satin sheens in this traditional living room.

Horizontal stripes on the feature wall help the room feel wider in this narrow apartment or dorm bedroom.

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