Stained Pallet Succulent Rack

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Succulents have gained a high degree of popularity in recent days.  For those of us that live in the water parched desert they are a beautiful and low maintenance alternative to flowers.  With the variety of species and colors creating a display rack is a perfect project for those with limited space and/or gardening experience.  

To create this project you will need the following:

A pallet

Flower pots (I used 10 -3″ pots)

Succulents (1 species for every pot)

Wood stain (optional)

Hose clamps (I used 3″)

Paint sample jars (one or more colors)

2-3″ paint brush

Detail paint brush

Wood screws


Step 1: Stain your pallet (optional)

I wanted to stain the palette with a an ombre effect for color.  You can complete the project without staining the piece, or you can also paint the piece. If you choose not to paint or stain skip to step 4.

Select the stain color you would like the majority of the pallet to be.  Paint the bottom most rung on pallet and remainder of frame.  Do not stain the other rungs, unless you’d like pallet to all be one color.


Step 2: Mix your stain colors

To achieve an ombre effect you will need to create a gradation from one color to the next. To do this mix the two colors together in a separate container.  There really isn’t an exact way to do this, you simply have to eyeball the color until you reach a color you like.


Stain colors used: Terra Cotta ST-118 and Curry ST-134

Step 3: Stain your pallet

Stain the rung above your first color.


Repeat steps 2 and 3 working your way up the pallet rungs in different color mixtures.


Step 4: Paint your pots (optional)

If you want to add an additional splash of color you can paint your plant pots.  If you would like them to remain terracotta skip to step 5.


Pots were painted in: Caribe PPU13-1, Beach Drive M460-2, Caicos Turquoise MQ4-21, Rainwater P450-3

Step 5: Screw your hose clamps to the pallet

With your wood screws and a power drill, drill in your hose clamps into the pallet rungs.  You can arrange them evenly or artfully depending on your personal preference.


Step 6: Plant your succulents 

Plant your succulents in the pots and place them in the hose clamps.



Once your pots are are in, display your rack somewhere sunny where you and your plants will enjoy.


Colorfully yours,


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