Super Stripes

by Erika Woelfel

A pattern is forming here: Stripes making a bold statement! To me, nothing is cleaner than the sharp, crisp line of a stripe. Taking cues from modernist architecture and continuing the colorblocking trend, stripes have now taken over summer fashions. In the boutiques they are on everything from beach cover-ups to tailored blazers. More evidence of the trend popped up yesterday when I saw a young woman going to lunch wearing a smart monochromatic black and white striped blouse. The next day another woman was seen wearing a black and white striped sun dress in the supermarket.The color scheme seems to be mostly black and white, but pastels in pink, light blue, and green feel right for summer. Navy and red stripes make a classic nautical theme. It won’t be long before stripes make their way into home accessories – they have big impact for such a simple pattern!

The direction of a stripe sets the tone for the look and feel of a garment. Vertical stripes are more formal. Diagonal stripes have movement and directional focus.


Horizontal stripes feel more relaxed and casual. Intersecting stripes have a striking graphic appeal, inspired by 60s textiles and playful fashions coming from countries like Brazil.

Candy colored stripes are a seasonal update for Spring/Summer 2013. Broad stripes, softly washed are relaxed in appearance have a sun-drenched, vintage appeal.


Accentuate the curves: Stripes hug the shape of this teapot.


Maximum impact: Wide graphic black and white striped textiles.

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4 responses to “Super Stripes”

  1. Estoy sorprendido de encontrar esta web. Quería daros las gracias por publicar esta obra maestra. Sin duda he disfrutando cada pedacito de ella. Os te tengo agregados para ver más cosas nuevas de este blog .

    • Deanna Torrez says:

      Gracias por su interés en BEHR Paint! Por favor, continúe visitando nuestro blog para ideas de proyectos, inspiración y artículos coloridos!

  2. Willetta Freeman says:

    How much is the bk& white tea pot?

    • Deanna Torrez says:

      Hello Willetta, thank you for visiting our blog!

      Sorry that is just an image we placed in our blog post as inspiration.

      Colorfully Yours,


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