Two Tone Accent Door

by Diana Olvera

Pops of color can be such an easy way to make a fun and bold statement.

Doors and trim are often neglected when it comes to color.  Some shade of white seems to be the traditional go to, and that is usually a good thing when balancing a wall color.  When white doors and trim are paired with white walls however, you might find yourself longing for a bit of color.


Color featured: Ultra Pure White

Creating an accent by applying color to an interior door is an easy and fun way you can an all white room can come alive.  Add a splash of color while maintaining the clean, chic look that white imparts

Take a look at this plain apartment door transformation.

What you’ll need:

Two-tone painting supplies for door

  • plain white, or detailed door
  • stylish door knob (optional)
  • primer
  • 1 or 2 quarts of paint in the color of your choice -I used Anime P340-5  and  Rainwater P450-3  (semi-gloss or satin sheen)
  • 3 paint rollers
  • paint tray and liners
  • 1” paintbrush
  • blue painting tape
  • yard stick and pencil

Step by Step:

Priming door

  1. Apply a coat of primer.

Finishing line for two-tone door

2. Divide your door in two. With a yard stick, find the center point across the door’s width. Make a small guide line with a pencil. From here you choose to divide the door equally with color or not.  If you want to divide the door equally draw a line from one upper corner through your center guide line to the opposite lower corner.  If you would like the divide to be uneven, the line you draw can run through the center or not.

Cutting paint edges

First coat of two-tone color

3. Paint the one half the door one color.  Start by painting the edges with a detail brush (if applicable) and follow up with a roller. Cover completely and let it dry. Apply a second coat if desired/necessary.

Taping off door line

4. Using the painters tape divide you wall in two. Line the edges of the tape with the line you created in step 2. To prevent gaps, use your thumbnail to burnish the edges of the tape.

Painting two-tone door green

5. Repeat step 3 painting the second half of the door in the second color.

6. When dry remove tape, touch up, and install your new door knob.


It’s amazing how just a quick and simple paint project like this can change the entire look of a place.

Colorfully yours,



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