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Deanna Torrez

Deanna Torrez

Deanna is an outgoing, adventurous color enthusiast with a fashion design background, making her a perfect fit as the team’s Color Consultant. A dedicated resource for color advice, she provides customers ongoing support with navigating color coordination for interiors and exteriors.

Design Tips:

  1. To transform a dreary, dark attic into a peaceful escape, use a soft, relaxing tone such as Light Drizzle, Dusty Lilac or Painter’s White. Each color will open up the attic while calming it down for a secret getaway.
  2. Turn an empty corner in your home into a small, cozy, nook area for reading, studying, journaling or simply going through your news feeds on social media. Battleship Gray is great for a small area like this. It will provide warmth, coziness and a peaceful vibe.
  3. Who says laundry rooms have to be plain? Create a lively laundry room with a punch of color using Charismatic. This warm tone is energetic for those long laundry days, and it creates a stylish look in your laundry room.

/Deanna Torrez Before
/Deanna Torrez Before
Diana Olvera

Diana Olvera

Diana is Color Marketing’s longest tenured member, having been at BEHR 15+ years. Her talent to accurately see the true tonal hue or value of a color has positioned her as the team’s lead color designer and palette builder. In addition to an appreciation for color, Diana also loves baking, coffee and camping. Among her favorite activities are road trips with her family and three furry friends!

Design Tips:

  1. Look to nature: the great outdoors provides inspiration for interior color schemes, influencing ranges that have longevity and trans-seasonal appeal. Try using a grounding deep green like Secret Meadow; it will work well on its own and as a base color for light and bright accents.
  2. Use calming hues such as Light Drizzle and Back to Nature for bedrooms and bathrooms to turn them into a haven for rest and restoration. You can also create a sense of calm by using soothing colorways and mixing furniture with rounded corners and soft textiles to make the home a sanctuary.
  3. Tap into the ongoing passion for greening up the home and bring a feeling of well-being to spaces with green-hued palettes. Also, plants and other natural elements are key aspects to promoting health and balance, and they incentivize us to spend more time in these spaces.

/Diana Olvera Before
/Diana Olvera Before


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