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Quinn Larson-Pierce

Quinn Larson-Pierce

A 10-year BEHR veteran, Quinn supports the team as a color expert, and interdepartmental liaison, coordinating color project initiatives. With two young kids, she lends a mother’s perspective and experience to the team. Quinn devotes the majority of her free time to family activities, though when the opportunity presents itself, she enjoys pedicures, wine tastings, video games and snuggling her pugs.

Open Floor Plan Design Tips:

  1. Choose one color palette to flow throughout your entire space. This creates continuity and harmony from one room to the next.
  2. Be versatile with your colors. Let the accent color in your dining room be the main color in your kitchen. You’ll maintain harmony between the spaces while switching up the look of each room.
  3. Work with the space’s fixed features, not against them. Refreshing an open floor plan doesn’t have to be hard. Change the things that you can and incorporate the things you can’t into the new space.

/Quinn Larson-Pierce Before
/Quinn Larson-Pierce After
Deanna Torrez

Deanna Torrez

Deanna is an outgoing, adventurous color enthusiast with a fashion design background, making her a perfect fit as the team’s Color Consultant. A dedicated resource for color advice, she provides customers ongoing support with navigating color coordination for interiors and exteriors.

Design Tips:

  1. Choose a wall that is to be the main focal point in your desired living space. Just adding an accent wall can boost the design and overall look of the area. The accent wall creates a perfect backdrop for a unique piece of furniture, framed painting or a fireplace.
  2. Find a vivid or muted color that suits the style and look you desire. Paint the remaining walls in a neutral or coordinating tone. Typically the accent wall in rectangular rooms is the shortest wall, which makes your walls appear closer. If you want to elongate your walls, then painting the long walls will accentuate the length of the room.
  3. Also take into consideration the décor elements in the room, so you can have a harmonious flow between accent wall and furnishings.

/Deanna Torrez Before
/Deanna Torrez After
Jordan Ferney

Jordan Ferney

Jordan Ferney is the founder and editor at Oh Happy Day, a design and lifestyle blog known for its original and fun DIY projects and party ideas. Jordan has been featured in TIME, San Francisco Chronicle, Sunset, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, Budget Living, and Anthology. Jordan likes to spend time taking pictures in her vintage photobooth and hanging with her family in San Francisco.

Ceiling Design Tips:

  1. When you are decorating a space and want just a hint of color, try painting the ceiling! This is a great tip for kids’ rooms! We used Fahrenheit on the ceiling in this nursery, and we love how the room still feels calm with a fun hit of unexpected color. You could even paint some furniture in the same color to finish off the space.
  2. If you want to introduce a strong color but are nervous to cover the walls, consider painting the baseboards and doors in a color other than white! This is a perfect way to bring in fun pops of a bright color. Just ensure the color you pick works with the rest of the palette in the room, so the look feels cohesive and pulled together! 
  3. When faced with the challenge of painting a room with low light, consider a dark color! A white, dark room can still feel very uninspiring! Plants and artwork will really pop against dark walls, and the room will come alive at night when lit by lamps and candlelight.

/Jordan Ferney Before
/Jordan Ferney After
Brittany Watson Jepsen

Brittany Watson Jepsen

Brittany Watson Jepsen is the founder and creative director of The House that Lars Built, a whimsical craft and design lifestyle blog focused on artful living. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, “Today Show,” Vogue and CNN. Her book, “Craft the Rainbow,” came out on April 24 with Abrams. 

Kitchen Design Tips:

  1. When I was selecting colors, I had to remind myself that muted colors are more livable. It’s easy to want to choose a bright color because it’s your favorite, but by choosing a more muted version of a color, you can use accessories in brighter tones. This will bring out the color even better. Think small appliances, dish towels, dinnerware, etc.
  2. Make sure to sample the color on various surfaces to see what it does in various lighting. Kitchens have lots of different surfaces, which can produce different colors. Try them all out!
  3. When painting, use good brushes, especially on cabinets! Otherwise, it will show every brush stroke.

/Brittany Watson Jepsen Before
/Brittany Watson Jepsen After


Dabito is a designer, photographer, artist, tastemaker and passionate vintage vulture. As the force behind the creative studio and online design resource, Old Brand New, has been recognized by major outlets including Nylon, which named him one of the best Instagrammers, and Better Homes and Gardens, which included him in their Best Decorating Bloggers of 2015. Dabito has also had his work and home featured in The New York Times, Architectural Digest, the Los Angeles Times, Better Homes and Gardens and ELLE DÉCOR.

Open Floor Plan Design Tips:

  1. For open floor plans, try painting a bold color in a space like a dining room to help distinguish it from other spaces. I also love to paint a bold accent wall to create a focal point and define a space.
  2. Since I painted my dining room a dark teal, a great way to unify all the different spaces in an open floor plan is to sprinkle dark-colored accent pieces, like a rug in the kitchen and pillows in the living room, to make it all cohesive.
  3. Try painting the baseboards the same color as your walls, especially when you have a low ceiling. This will help maximize the height of the walls. And if you’re super bold, paint the ceiling as well to create a greater effect.

/Dabito Before
/Dabito After
Kelli Payne & Kristi Jansen

Kelli Payne & Kristi Jansen

Lolly Jane is a lifestyle blog created by Kelli + Kristi, twin sisters who have been crafting since they could hold a crayon. Their mom would sit them at the counter as early as age 2, where they would color for hours. Today, they can still craft for hours … just replacing the crayons with a vinyl cutter, wood saw and paint! On their blog you’ll find many projects that you are capable of! They try to give you as much detail as possible, so you can recreate what you see. They love to decorate, design, rearrange and fix up their spaces. They blog to document what they’re doing in their real lives. They’re real women struggling with the same things you are, trying to be the best moms they can be to their crazy little kiddos!

Design Tips:

  1. It was convenient to browse the paint swatch bins at our local hardware store. We knew we wanted pink as the focus color, and finding the pamphlet labeled “Behr Reds: Warm & Intimate” made it easy to narrow down our selection to the right pink we were considering for the wall. In a small room, larger patterns made the room feel bigger and less cluttery. Instead of filling the space with “stuff,” your wall can do the talking.
  2. When prepping a wall to paint, simply wipe it down with a soapy rag to ensure you’re not painting over grime or fingerprints. Quality paint is key for any room, especially a child’s room. We love the high gloss sheen versus satin, personally; it acts as a repellent to dirt and wipes down without removing any of the color.
  3. We really wanted a fun accent wall that could be duplicated in any room in the home. We decided on a baby-nursery-turned-big-girl-room as our final choice. When accenting a wall, choosing more than two colors can end up looking too colorful and juvenile. By choosing colors that play off each other, you’re complementing them instead of having them compete.

/Kelli Payne & Kristi Jansen Before
/Kelli Payne & Kristi Jansen After
Sarah Skaggs

Sarah Skaggs

Sarah Skaggs is a DIY and lifestyle blogger at Pretty Providence. Sarah loves to share easy projects that anyone can replicate at home. She knows that you do not need to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful home! Sarah lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and two little girls. She loves rap music, Dr Pepper, and is always wearing stripes. 

Small Spaces Design Tips:

  1. Use color tools on the BEHR® website to see how a paint color will look before you go buy a gallon.
  2. Get a small sample from the paint counter and test it on a small part of the wall or furniture that you are painting. The size of your room, type of lighting and contrasting colors will affect how the color looks in your space.
  3. For a small bathroom, I recommend light colors and lots of white to help the space feel bigger.

/Sarah Skaggs Before
/Sarah Skaggs After

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