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Breanna Bertolini
Bre Bertolini, BrePurposed designer stories

Furniture, Design, DIY and home decor is what Brepurposed is all about. Bre, the girl behind it all, has had a love of all things creative since she was a little girl. What started as a love for flipping furniture, has turned into a journey of creating modern and stylish DIY projects and discovering her home decor style, all while hoping to inspire her readers to do the same.

Bre Bertolini, BrePurposed
Bre Bertolini, BrePurposed
Bre Bertolini, BrePurposed
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Bre Bertolini, BrePurposed

DIY Geo-Patterned Serving Tray / BrePurposed Trays are very multifunctional. When I saw an unfinished tray at the store, it was just begging for a makeover! The modern pattern inside makes it unique and helps it fit in perfectly in my home.»

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