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Jamison Rantz
Rogue Engineer
Rogue Engineer designer stories

Jamison Rantz is a husband, father of two, and former aerospace engineer. Nowadays he is putting his design expertise to use in the DIY furniture world where he publishes extremely clear and concise furniture and décor plans on his hit new site

Rogue Engineer
Blogger Rogue Engineer
Blogger Rogue Engineer
Check out my Projects
Madison Bookshelf

Madison Bookshelf / Rogue Engineer With a few basic tools, a little know how, and some common lumber, you can build your very own children’s wall-mounted bookshelf and rid of yourself of that mountain of books. < »

Entertaining Shelf

Entertaining Shelf / Rogue Engineer With a few tools and a trip to the hardware store, you can build this floating shelf that converts to a serving station. Not only is this shelf designed to entertain, it can add a pop of color that is sure to be a hit. »

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