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Lindsay Eidahl
My Creative Days
Lindsay designer stories

Lindsay has been married to her DIY sidekick for 17 years. She is also a mother of two. Since they bought their first home, Lindsay and her husband have been creatively decorating their home on a tight budget. Not being able to go into stores and buy things brand new created a passion for getting the same look for a lot less. Their DIY decor and repurposed projects got a lot of attention among family and friends which pushed Lindsay to start her blog, My Creative Days. Now, the budget-friendly projects continue, but they are shared with all her readers full time! She would love for you to head over to her blog or social channels and say, "Hi!

Lindsay Family
Check out my Projects
Buffet Makeover

DIY Painted Buffet Makeover / My Creative Days Decorating on a tight budget is something I am passionate about. Buffets and side boards are some of my favorite pieces to make over. This DIY Painted Buffet Makeover was no exception! »

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