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Exterior Colors

The decision to paint the exterior of your home is an exciting one. It’s a decision that will bring years of satisfaction and add value and beauty to your home. Let BEHR help you find perfectly coordinated colors for your home. From finding color inspiration in our Inspiration section, to browsing and previewing colors online through our ColorSmart by BEHR® visualizer, to color matching with our ColorSmart by BEHR® Mobile App, we’ll help you refresh your home with beautifully pleasing colors.

Behr has created helpful brochures and magazines that are loaded with expertly coordinated color palettes, style advice and helpful tips. These printed pieces will jump-start your creative thinking as you begin your DIY project. You’ll find these brochures at your local Home Depot. For more ideas on tantalizing color possibilities for homes of all shapes, sizes and locations, check out the website for inspiration. The Inspiration Gallery showcases a slideshow of home images that will give you new ideas for exterior colors. For more detailed and in-depth advice on exterior home colors, consult our Design Library articles. And if you’re interested in what’s trending in the world of color or you have a question you’d like to pose to our color experts, visit the Colorfully BEHR

When planning on painting your home exterior, there are other factors to consider. The size of your home can influence whether light or dark colors are more appropriate. As a general rule, light colors will make your home appear larger and will be more affected by changing light conditions, while dark colors can make your home appear smaller and help it blend with its surroundings.
Don’t forget about accent and trim colors for your home! Trim, shutters, and doors can all be painted in coordinating colors to enhance the beauty of your home. In addition to color, it is important to choose the right sheen. A flat sheen is ideal for the body of your home. Semi-gloss or high gloss enamel is best for areas that need added durability, such as trim, shutters and doors

Now that you’re inspired about color for your home, how do you choose just one? Whether you are at home on your computer, at the Home Depot kiosk or on your mobile device, you can use the ColorSmart by BEHR® visualizer to browse for that perfect color. You can browse by color families, popular colors or decorator picks. Once you have selected the color you’ve been dreaming of, ColorSmart by BEHR® will create coordinating color combinations that you can apply to trim, shutters and accents. Get an idea of how your colors will look by previewing them on a house image. Feel confident knowing that you now have colors for your main body, trim and accent areas that are beautifully coordinated.

Validate your Choices with Color Samples

Once you have browsed the BEHR Inspiration Gallery and explored colors with ColorSmart by BEHR®, chances are you’ll have your favorite colors narrowed down. Now is the time to confirm your choices with paint samples. Virtual tools are immensely helpful, but there’s no substitute for seeing the color on the body of your home in real life, under true light conditions. Apply the colors to the exterior of your house. See how they look in morning, afternoon, and evening light. By using paint samples, you’ll get a true sense of the colors. Buy color samples from The Home Depot nearest you (, or you can purchase your samples online to be delivered straight to your door.

You’ve used ColorSmart by BEHR® to narrow down your selection, explored color samples and chosen your palette. Congratulations, you’re ready to start! Whether you do the work yourself or hire a contractor, the myriad tools offered by BEHR ensure that no matter how the job gets done, the results are a sparkling and beautiful color to be proud of.

A refreshing coat of paint adds value and sophistication, something that you can truly admire as you gaze at your home for years to come. Whether your choice was a decorator selected color or simply a color you’ve always dreamed of, your home’s exterior will thank you–because with BEHR paint, you simply can’t go wrong.