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Beautiful Colors Inspired by Your Fabrics!


Create a beautifully cohesive design scheme for your space by taking inspiration from your existing fabric and furnishings. Fabrics are diverse in their colors, patterns, and textures, so you may find that you already have a coordinated palette from which to choose. With the ability of color to create atmosphere, you can set the tone and style you’d like your home to have. This is an excellent approach if you are looking for a cost-effective and simple way to freshen or change your interior décor.


Color palettes, fabric textures, or design patterns found on your current furnishings can be unexpected sources for inspiration. Design inspiration can be found in the fabric color of an upholstered chair, the weave pattern of an area rug, or the beaded fringe of a favorite pillow. Professional designers often find new ideas for their design schemes and color palettes from intriguing fabrics or unique accent pieces. By tapping into your own existing décor and using the same methods that the experts use, your home can also have that professionally-decorated look.

Bright & Stylish

Warm colors, such as yellows, reds, and oranges, make spaces feel more comfortable and alive. The creamy yellow-orange walls of this graceful, sunny room are inspired by the orange and white color patterns of the chair. Using yellow as a main wall color gives the room a feeling of being surrounded by golden sunlight and brings a sense of cheerful energy to the space.

Color Play

Color and style harmonies often spring up unexpectedly. The deep red-orange accent color of the plaid wing chair is used as a coordinated accent color for the staircase. This bold color is balanced by warm, neutral wall colors and off-white accents. The light blue of the accent pillows complements the red-orange hues with a subtle hint of contrasting color. Designing the color scheme on the colors of the wing chair has resulted in a color palette that unifies this eclectically-styled space into a cohesive, coordinated whole.

Modern Mix-up

Inspiration for this relaxing bedroom is found in the lavender bedding. For contrast and visual interest, two shades of lavender have been used on the walls. Coordinated with pure white accents, the look is modern and clean. The dark wood furnishings add a deep, rich appeal without overpowering the space. The muted purple color palette and decorative fabric create a look of contemporary elegance in the room.

Simple Dining Room

The color scheme of this dining area has been selected to coordinate with the upholstery of the chair covers. The adjacent walls pick up the peach hue of the fabric ticking while the taupe tones of the back wall balance the bright color. This simple two-toned color palette coordinated with the crisp white trim allows the furnishings, flooring and accent pieces to take center stage. The light-colored palette and uncluttered furnishings gives the space an open and airy appearance.

Cool Tones

Inspired by the light blue accent pillow, the simple monochromatic color palette in this room creates a space that is relaxing and peaceful. The various shades of blue in the accessories and accents add dimension, create visual interest, and give the room a finished appearance.

Rustic Appeal

Stunning and gorgeous, the palette of this room was inspired by the cultural ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement and is based on the colors found in the two side chairs. The walls in a neutral green with warm undertones create a relaxing, calm environment. The warm ambience of the room is enhanced by the trim painted in a mid-toned honey brown. The styling of this room is an excellent example of how fabrics with multiple colors woven into their patterns can inspire a multitude of coordinated themes featuring unique accent colors.

Traditional Elegance

Using the couch upholstery as color inspiration, the palette used in this living room supports a traditional decorating style. The room’s sense of grandeur and expansiveness is enhanced by painting the ceiling and the top portion of the walls in the same shade of white. The sedate yellow tones of the lower portion of the walls give the room an enriching and warm ambience. A rich brown hue applied to the trim creates a dramatic contrast to the lighter-toned walls. Together, these elements give the room a luxurious and elegant appearance. Inspired by the fabric of the main furniture piece, this room is not only classic, but also comfortable and livable.

Casually Cool

The color palette for this room was inspired by the blue and green shades found in the striped upholstery of the wing chairs. These two colors were applied to the walls to create a colorful and balanced room setting. The simple white ceiling gives the room a fresh, uplifting look, while the hardwood floor and accents in a deep espresso color add depth and texture to the space. The cool, serene qualities of this blue and green palette make this room perfect for a peaceful evening at home.

The World of Fabric

While creating a color scheme is a voyage of discovery, remember that color choices are a form of individual expression. Choose fabrics and colors that you connect with and that will support your personal tastes and lifestyle. One thing to keep in mind is that when you are mixing fabric colors, it is very much like coordinating paint color. The advice of many professional interior designers is simple: begin building your color scheme with a color you love. Quite often, you’ll find that favorite color in the fabrics and upholstery found in your home.