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A Space of Their Own

Bed and Bath Spaces for Kids and Teens

Your kids spend a lot of time picking out clothes and gadgets to reflect their own personal style. So inject your kids’ personalities in their room design. Infants and elementary school age kids live in a world of endless possibility, curiosity, and spirit. By the time they hit their teen years, they’ve become more independent, free-thinking and expressive. Evoke these qualities in their personal spaces and allow them to display their uniqueness through color.

Without a lot of renovation or expense, a room can be easily restyled. Whether planning your baby’s first room or designing your older teen’s space, color makes a room pop. Traditional blues for boys and pinks for girls are classic for a reason (they’re timeless and comforting), but even tweaking these standards can give a fresh feel. If you want to venture down the rabbit hole into more non-traditional territory, deep hues combined with neutrals give a novel look. It’s not just color that gives a room spirit. It’s how you apply the color, whether painting stripes, adding stencil designs, jazzing up a wall with two colors or using bold colors to highlight architectural details--with a little creativity and effort, you can create a room that is uniquely your child’s.


Your modern sensibilities do not need to be sacrificed in your baby’s room. Give your newborn a space that is retro-modern, stylish and full of charm. Instead of decorating with pastels, consider using deeper and more vibrant colors. You and your child will bask in the warmth and richness of the deep, luscious brown walls. The vibrancy of the citron-green ceiling in the sunny alcove adds sparkle to the room and brings a cheery presence. Accents and furniture that pick up on that bright green color give the room a finished look. Vintage-look fabrics for bedding and coverlets add to the room’s retro vibe. Shelves, cabinets and open corners are filled with favorite stuffed animals, books and other toys—readily available for baby!


This nautical seaside bathroom brings a sense of whimsy to bathing. Every day feels like a day at the shore when you’re surrounded by beachside colors and patterns. Painting a wall with beach-towel stripes is a fun way to capture the seashore-living theme. Paint vertical stripes in summer-fresh shades of purpley-blue, golden yellow, sun-bronzed orange, lawn-fresh green, sky blue and aquatic blue. The adjacent sky blue wall and crisp white trim enhances the nautical feel and keeps the space from being too overwhelming. Recall sandy-day fun by decorating with beach-inspired décor, such as towel-filled natural reed baskets, ocean-inspired rugs and towels, bubble shapes in the shower and curtain, and lighting fixtures reminiscent of the boardwalk.

Give girly pinks and purples a new twist in your young daughter’s room. Soft lilac walls create a graceful sleeping alcove and provide a pretty frame around ivory-colored wall insets. Shelves in that same soft purple sit cleanly against rich plum-painted walls that complement the room’s palette while adding some spice. A pretty floral coverlet in fruity fuschia colors mixed with soft lavender sheets notches up the sophistication. Simple touches matter: a small white chandelier with crystal hangings, gauzy curtains to add a sense of personal space. The throw pillows pick up the main room colors, with flashes of hot pink and grapey purples, accented by a touch of field-fresh greens, in fun, flowery designs.


Go beyond baby blue by ramping up the style in this boy’s room with a monochromatic blue color scheme. He’ll have plenty of time for dreaming in an uncluttered room reminiscent of the sky’s changing colors, from dark and stormy, to light and airy. It’s easy to create drama by bisecting the wall with contrasting shades. Try a dusky cerulean blue on top, combined with a cloudy blue hue on bottom. In the dark of night, he’ll slumber deeply in a bed covered with stormy blue linens, guarded over by a headboard in the same shade. Add a vibrant splash of color with a few red touches, like a trio of rusty-red throw pillows, a retro alarm clock and a brick-colored wall canvas graphic, styled for a bygone era. The room’s clean lines and palette are timeless and can easily take him through his teen years.


What boy wouldn’t love a low-key but sophisticated room that can grow with him? Using warm, no-nonsense earth tones, this traditional color palette provides a classic background that will live through your son’s ever-changing interests. Here, the soothing chocolate color below the chair rail, with a traditional taupe above and the trim in a mellow off-white shade allows wall hangings and toys to stand out, without the wall disappearing into the background. Rich, cocoa curtains complete the room’s brown family. A light colored ceiling and the blonde flooring keeps the room looking light. Tossing in accents in basketball-orange hues gives the room a color punch. Try it out on pillows, throws, or a softly structured ottoman. As this room shows, earthy-brown colors are stylish. Plus there’s a bonus! This color scheme will never go out of style. While your son’s décor may change, the room will always look classic with this color palette.


Young adult style continues evolving, especially as your daughter leaves home for college and her own digs. College-bound students think beyond the box so there’s no reason a dorm room has to follow a cookie-cutter style. Institutional living can drag down a student’s psyche if the walls are impersonal and the furnishings basic issue. A creative use of color is an easy and cost-effective way to make the room uniquely her’s. This brash, striped color combination of camouflage green, misty, pale blue, luscious purple and rocky gray brings to mind a college rugby shirt. The boldness of the stripe design is toned down by the earthy quality of the colors. Keep harmony in the dorm room by applying the same misty blue on the opposing wall with the same gray on the base. The ethereal blue hues are echoed again in the bed frame. With combinations this daring, the simplicity of solid fabrics and uncluttered wall hangings keeps the room from being too frenetic. A few playful touches, such as funky-shaped chairs or nightstands, bring a sense of humor and frivolity.


Even after your daughter outgrows the stuffed animal phase, the pink trend continues – albeit in a more upbeat mode. The great news is that pink can be used in a teen setting, without appearing childish. The key is to use it unconventionally, with pizzazz. Here, the bubblegum pink stripe from the wall to the ceiling makes a daring statement, creating a dynamic focal point behind the bed. Multicolor dots in acid yellow, retro-orange and pine green above the bed pop against that pink stripe. Bold colors are saved for accents, such as the audacious purple trim and the hot pink desk. Pristine white walls present a fresh backdrop to the bursts of color.