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Gorgeous Gray


Modern grays of the 21st century have been enhanced and enriched
to possess more adaptable color undertones,
enlivening them from the simple, flat grays of days gone by,
to the dynamic home backdrop they have become today.


A modern kitchen creates a sleek and streamlined ambiance, perfect for those who prefer to maintain a minimalist flavor in their interior decorating. Whether you are revitalizing a small kitchen in a loft or you have the luxury of a large space to work with, you’ll find that lighter grays with slightly cool undertones are becoming a popular replacement for whites in the home. The copacetic mingling of faint powder gray walls, titanium-hued handles on the cupboards and shelves, and the metallic sheen of the stainless steel appliances creates a dramatic yet welcoming contrast. The chartreuse, lemon and aqua accents give the room a clean and contemporary aesthetic in use by many of today’s leading interior designers. Although strong geometric patterns are clearly present in this kitchen’s layout, they are softened by the presence of natural shapes such as the bowl of lemons or the flower-inspired lampshade.


Global design enthusiasts will revel in the fact that when it comes to showcasing décor items with cultural or nature-inspired patterns, gray can provide a non-competitive, neutral background. This dining room demonstrates how the subtlety of the wall color allows intricate patterns and textures to take center stage, while the dark color of the trim perfectly frames the room like a fine work of art. The contrast of the rough-hewn log benches, the elegant curves of the pitchers, and the autumn- inspired colors of the foliage on the table in this contemporary dining room create a cohesive whole with the gray-brown background. You’ll see that the wall color doesn’t at all detract from the design, details and color of your exotic décor items; on the contrary, it allows them to stand out as the centerpiece of your stylistic expression.


The grassy yellows, sandy neutrals and rich browns in this comfortable living room evoke the sun-baked warmth of an African savannah. Many grays have subtle undertones of color, and the gray used on these walls has been enriched through the fusion of warm, red undertones. This vital enhancement allows the walls to appear luminous where they are drenched by the afternoon sunlight, but where shadows fall they remain soothingly tranquil—a testament to the adaptability of the color gray. The natural color palette appears vibrantly alive in this stylish living room, where soft shades commingle with geometric textile patterns, artwork and abundant natural light to create a resplendent setting. The rich ebony, wheat, and flaxen shades of the wood floor and furniture further enhance the warmth of the wall colors to create a thoroughly cozy yet sophisticated social hub in the home.


A garage is so much more than a place to park your car. This extension of your home can double as a workroom, a storage facility, or even a home gym or game room. As such, the décor of your garage should be handled with the same care and stylistic touch that you would use on any other room in your home. However, this is oftentimes not the case, and many garages can seem disheveled and incomplete, simply because the walls remain bare and unfinished. Perhaps it’s time to freshen up your garage with a cool gray palette. A perfect combination of industrial and functional, these rocky hues, along with bold red and black accents, create the perfect atmosphere for an organized yet livable workspace.


The Hollywood Regency ambiance of this luxe bedroom is perfectly suited to the backdrop of a charcoal gray. The citrus colors of the pillows, mirrored surfaces of the picture frames and nightstand, and the sumptuous patterns of the bed linens seem to come alive against the rich gray walls. The modern combination of vibrancy and subtlety creates a sophisticated twist suitable for those with discriminating decorating tastes. Incorporating brightly hued accents, such as the marigold vase on the vanity and the yellow satin ottoman, gives your gray color scheme a flair of whimsy and interest. You’ll find that sunny-hued yellows and oranges, along with nearly every other color in the rainbow, will pop against a gray background.


Versatile and functional, grays work well in all types of rooms, coordinate easily with both subdued and vibrant accents, and can be a melodious introduction to color. As you’ve seen in the rooms featured here, carefully thought out variations as well as combinations of this neutral tone will add beauty, sophistication, and polish to every room in your home.