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A Proud Partner of The Home Depot®

We share a rich history of success and innovation with The Home Depot®.

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We are a proud partner of The Home Depot®. This partnership began in 1978, when BEHR® made the decision to sell its products to the broader market through The Home Depot, the first ever home improvement warehouse and specialty retailer. From the onset, this relationship has proven to be beneficial to both corporations. Over the years, the bond has grown even stronger, as jointly-made strategic decisions have led to year-over-year growth, global market expansion and greater brand recognition for both companies.

The Home Depot®

Each BEHR employee is committed to bringing value and excellence to The Home Depot and this commitment to our partner has been recognized and rewarded many times. BEHR has been named "Partner of the Year" by The Home Depot ten times.

At the essence of this partnership are the core values that are common to both BEHR and The Home Depot. Both corporations share a commitment to excellence and outstanding customer service. We each focus on building strong relationships with our customers and our communities. We both encourage and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees. Most importantly, we both commit to doing the right thing and to giving back to our communities.

For over 60 years, BEHR has built a reputation for unparalleled quality and innovation, superior products, exceptional value and dedicated service. Our insistence on integrity and doing the right thing has been at the hallmark of everything we do. We feel proud to bring this spirit to our customers and to The Home Depot.

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