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Modern Rustic Update to Fireplace Paint and Wall | Behr

Fireplace Update
Erica Sooter, Dwell Beautiful designer stories
From Drab to Fab: The Classic White Brick Fireplace
Brick fireplace before repainting
Create a beautiful focal point

A lot of older homes come with fireplaces that are either extremely outdated, or have been painted over so many times with random paint colours that they become an eyesore. Get a fresh start and create a sophisticated focal point by using BEHR ULTRA PURE WHITE paint! Take your drab fireplace to fab in a few simple steps!

BEHR colour palette
Ultra Pure White

Ultra Pure White
Colour Details

As a new homeowner, or even if you've lived in your home for years, it can be extremely exciting and rewarding to work on projects around the house. One of the easiest and most eye-catching ways to switch up the look in your home while not breaking the bank is to utilize paint in your makeovers and designs!

We have a fireplace in our home that the previous homeowners had painted at least half a dozen times, with the most current paint job being an orange and red sponge-painted attempt at making the bricks look like real bricks. It was an eyesore that greeted visitors when they walked in the door.

Taping off edge of brick fireplace

The paint we decided to go with was BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA PURE WHITE® that we got at Home Depot. This is literally the whitest paint you can get – it doesn't have any pigment added to it! When painting a fireplace, choose a satin or a glossy finish – this will keep it easy to clean! Simply wet down a cloth and wipe. A matte finish would absorb ash smudges and be harder to keep neat. So if you chose anything from satin to high gloss, you should be as right as rain!

A common misconception about painting fireplaces is that you need to get 'heat-resistant' paint. If you are only painting the outside of your fireplace, your paint just needs to be approved to withstand temperatures of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and most general interior paint is!

“We wanted a clean and classy look without any warm yellow or cool blue undertones, so we went with the basic Behr Ultra Pure White in a satin finish. ” - Behr Ultra Pure White
Brick fireplace painting equipment
"You'll only need 'heat-resistant' paint if you plan on painting the interior box of your fireplace."
  • paint
  • rollers
  • angled brushes
  • PaintER’S TAPE
  • Paint tray
  • foam brush
Time To Paint

When painting a brick fireplace, the best place to start is the brick faces. Roll a layer of paint over the bricks using a roller for semi-rough surfaces, which ensures you fill the uneven surface of the brick! BEHR® tutorial.

BEHR colour palette
Ultra Pure White

Ultra Pure White
Colour Details

Buy BEHR® and your painting supplies at The Home Depot®
Painting fireplace mortar with angled brush

Find, coordinate and preview these colours and more with ColourSmart by BEHR®.

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  • Save colours, room images, paint calculations and more to your account

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Color Smart
"This truly was an easy project and anyone can do it!"

The previous red/orange paint was pretty strong, but BEHR ULTRA PURE WHITE paint was still able to cover almost everything with one easy coat. We did an additional 2 coats (with a couple of hours of dry time in between) just to make sure we had a nice even finish! Take the time between coats to finish up other DIY projects around the house!

BEHR colour palette
Ultra Pure White

Ultra Pure White
Colour Details

This project only took us a day to complete and the end look is simply stunning! A white fireplace is always a good design choice as it draws the eye and makes a wonderful, clean, crisp focal point. Our painted fireplace is the star of our wall and is a great place to display photos and treasures and it makes the best place to gather on holidays and everyday evenings. While we were at it we also decided to redo the wall behind the fireplace by using Stikwood, which are thin, real wood planks that you just peel and stick to the wall! The Stikwood combined with the new white fireplace definitely provides a WOW factor focal point for everyone who comes into our home!

When it comes to designing your space or painting your fireplace and don't know where to start Ultra Pure White is always a good choice! It's neutral and classic and goes with all sorts of décor. Once the paint starts flowing you'll be sure to transform your home in beautiful and unexpected ways!

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