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Refinished Dresser
Kristi Haight / Chatfield Court
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Upcycle a Goodwill Dresser from Drab to Fab in One Weekend
Upcycle a Goodwill Dresser from Drab to Fab in One Weekend

I found a vintage dresser at a local shop for $9, a total steal. The dresser was in fair condition. Although it had a lot of surface scratches and it was very low to the ground, it was solid (and did I mention cheap). So, I decided to give it a whole new look with a fabulous paint colour and 4 new legs to bring it off of the ground.

BEHR colour palette
Sea Ice

Sea Ice
Colour Details

Text1 in a small home has its share of challenges but the biggest one is storage. I had our extra clothing stored in a plastic bin in the basement. When I found this vintage chest at a local Goodwill for $9 (a real steal), I knew that I could give it a makeover and use it for some much needed extra storage.

Paint can truly be transformative and I was excited to see what the change would do to my dresser. This piece was going to live in our guest bedroom so I wanted to choose a light, soft colour to really transform it.


Looking over the beautiful Behr paint colour chips at The Home Depot, I quickly narrowed my choices to the soft blue/green tones and chose BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Interior Eggshell Enamel in Sea Ice. I had the paint technician mix up one quart in new favorite colour and headed home, excited to start my dresser transformation.

I wanted to attach the 4 new legs that I bought, to bring the dresser off the ground and to give it a new look. To start, I turned the dresser upside down to attach the wood pieces, using wood glue and screws, so that I could add the metal plates for the legs.

After the wood was attached with wood glue and screws, I screwed on the metal plates for the legs. Once all 4 plates were attached, the legs were ready to be attached. Before I could do that though, I had to prep and paint them. A quick sanding and 2 coats of the BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Interior Eggshell Enamel in Sea Ice, and once they were dry, I screwed them into the metal plates.

Now that the legs were done and my dresser was standing taller, it was time to prep it for paint. The dresser was not in good shape so I knew that I would need to do a lot of prep before I could begin painting.

Prep isn’t the most fun part of a project but it’s definitely an important step. To start the prep of our dresser, I removed the pulls and knobs and took out the drawers.

Then I sanded the dresser and drawers. After I finished sanding, I cleaned the dresser well with warm water and a damp cloth, careful to remove all the dust. Once it was clean and dry, it was on to the next step - the fun part of the project...painting!

I decided to ditch the brush and used a mini roller for this project. I rolled on the first coat of paint and was thrilled with the way it was looking. The paint went on smoothly, covered well and I loved the colour. I let the paint dry a few hours and rolled on a second coat. Once the second coat was finished, I left it to dry overnight.

"I loved how the BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Interior Eggshell Enamel rolled on so smoothly and covered beautifully."
  • Paint
  • Sand Paper
  • New Legs
  • Paint BRUSH
  • New Pulls
  • Mini Roller

1. Between coats of paint, I wrapped the paint roller in a plastic baggie.

2. After the first coat of paint dries on your piece, feel the surface and make sure that you don’t need to sand before applying a second coat. Sometimes the paint will raise the grain of the wood making it feel rough so it will need a light sanding to knock it down. Doing this will ensure a smooth finish.

BEHR colour palette
Sea Ice

Sea Ice
Colour Details

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Paint a large swatch on a piece of poster board and check out the colour at different times during the day.

BEHR colour palette
Sea Ice

Sea Ice
Colour Details

text2 the next day, I was able to put the drawers back in the dresser and start the installation of the old knobs and new vintage pulls that I found. The original pulls were in fair condition but I wanted a simpler shape and a bit more my style.

The new pulls were the same size as the old ones so I didn’t have to drill new holes. The new pulls fit perfectly and I love how they look with the beautiful new paint colour. Now, all that was left to do was to add a few pretty touches and it was ready for our extra clothes.

I love that I was able to completely transform this beat up $9 Goodwill dresser into a beautiful piece of furniture with paint. Not only is it beautiful but it gives us the space we need to store extra clothing. A win-win!

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