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Bathroom Bliss

Just imagine the feeling of complete relaxation you get when you are in the bathroom of a plush hotel. Fluffy white towels, luxurious bath products and impeccable design can make you feel utterly pampered. Transport this feeling into your own home by creating a bathroom that evokes a feeling of serenity and contentment. Your bathroom is the place where you cleanse and prepare for the day ahead, and is also the room where you decompress and unwind at the end of it. Everyone has a different idea of what colours and designs constitute peaceful surroundings, but whether you prefer the tranquility of a nature-inspired atmosphere, the strong features of a modern bath or the simplicity of summery pastels, there is no doubt that if you can envision it, you can create the bathroom of your dreams.

If your sense of interior style leans towards more traditional tastes, a classic bathroom will suit your aesthetic needs. This bathroom, painted in an ethereal misty blue and the downy white of a newborn lamb, exudes a clean, refreshing appeal. But these gentle-hued colours need not be plain— enhance their understated elegance with soft pops of colour and unique accent pieces. Pastel towels add a dash of whimsy, a patterned rug plays up the room’s intricate wainscoting and the claw-foot tub injects a dose of antique charm. Let your individual style shine through with the design choices you make for the sink, mirror and sconces. By choosing an eclectic collection of light fixtures, hardware and linens, a classic bathroom can be transformed into a lovely, unique space.

If you prefer the look of all-out glamour, a modern bathroom may be the choice for you. This chic space uses the intense colours of the purple family to make you feel like modern-day royalty. Regal shades of aubergine, eggplant and lilac coalesce to accentuate the clean lines of the room’s angular architecture. The black trim introduces an air of mysterious allure, the smatterings of crisp white décor items add eye-catching highlights to the space and the plush rug subtly softens the hi-gloss onyx floor tiles. Sunlight streams through floor-to-ceiling windows, bathing the walls in natural light, yet the stately plum shade maintains its bold appeal. If your bathroom is modern in its architectural style, it has enough presence to support the drama of strong colours.

A country casual bathroom is an ideal way to add a touch of serenity to the everyday. No matter where you live—from a city loft to a suburban town home—a bathroom designed in this provincial style will make you feel as though fresh country air and green meadows linger right outside your door. Colours drawn from the frothy whites of fresh milk and the palest blush of peaches plucked straight from an orchard predominate the palette, giving the room an innocent, happy glow. Window seats and a cozy chair further add to the charming cottage feel. Whether you live in the hustle and bustle of a big city or prefer an unhurried pastoral life, a country casual bathroom such as this cannot help but lift your spirits and provide a homey, comfortable feeling of contentment at the end of a long day.

With its restrained use of wood in flooring and furnishings, the expansiveness of floor-to-ceiling windows that open the room to the outdoors, the repeating patterns of linear and geometric elements and the mellow ambience set by the nature-inspired room colours, this Arts and Crafts bathroom is a model of harmonious design. An Arts and Crafts bathroom makes for a striking place to relax and wind down at the end of a long day. As you dip your feet into the claw foot tub, you’ll notice that the rich, spicy, burnt orange colour on the accent wall and the dark chocolate brown on the trim casts a warm glow across your skin, yet the hues are tempered from being too overpowering by the creaminess of the soft oat colour on the adjacent walls and ceiling. The stunning angularity of the woodwork combined with the linear elements of the sink and furniture creates a truly intriguing draw to the eye. By combining fully saturated, natural colours with the other elements of this Arts and Crafts style bathroom, you can create a room to be proud of for years to come.

The soft colours of nature will whisk you away to a state of relaxation in this soothing, spa-inspired bath. Pale spring green walls evoke the rolling hills of the countryside after a delicate rain, while the luminosity of the grey-green tiles chosen for the shower sparkle like dew lingering in blades of freshly grown grass. Cloud-white accents, potted plants and the natural wood elements of the cabinetry and tub-surround add to the outdoor health spa ambiance. As you repose in utter stillness surrounded by the beauty of nature's greens, the only sound you’ll hear is that of water trickling into your tranquil bathtub.

Transform your bathroom into a place of complete rest and rejuvenation. Choose a style that makes you feel completely at ease, and select colours that complement the overall look and enhance the ambience. Add your personal touch with lighting, fixtures and accents. Whether you prefer the tidy freshness of soft pastels, the modern romance of a bold statement colour, the easy charm of country casual, the rich, nature-inspired hues of the Arts and Crafts style or the refreshing palette of colours inspired by outdoor living, the bathroom you have always wanted is waiting for you. With a little inspiration, imagination and determination, you can make the bathroom of your dreams a tangible reality.