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Choosing Colours


When it’s time to make a change to your home, a new paint colour is one of the easiest ways to make a bold difference. Let your creative side out! There are more helpful tools and brochures at your fingertips now than ever before. You’ll find stripe cards, brochures, online tools and mobile apps that will help you visualize your colours both in-person and digitally. Here are some tips to help you as you begin your colour selection journey.

Each room is unique. It has a purpose. It has a style. It has a mood. Do you plan to keep your antique armoire, or are you getting all new modern furniture? What do you want to change? Maybe you’ll want to highlight architectural features such as a unique doorway arch or architectural columns with
an accent colour.

Consider emphasizing one part of the room with an accent wall painted a strikingly different hue. Remember, there are no rules that the entire room has to be all one colour.

You’ll find numerous resources for décor and colour inspiration, whether you search through magazines and brochures or search online. Your local Home Depot is stocked with Behr’s style and colour brochures that will get you started with coordinating colour ideas, style tips, and practical how-to advice.

For more in-depth design and colour advice, visit the website. Behr's Design Advice Articles encompass a variety of colour and style topics.

Whether you’re interested in a specific colour palette, looking for the latest colour trends for your teen’s bedroom, or wondering how colour can add whimsy to a bathroom, the Design Advice Articles are a great resource for inspiration.

Behr's Inspiration Gallery is another resource available to you. The Behr Inspiration Gallery features room and house photos that will spark your creative side and inspire you with the
possibilities of colour.

View our slideshow of rooms and houses painted in coordinating colour palettes and be motivated with new ways to use colour.

Take your colour ideas a step further by using the ColourSmart by BEHR® visualizer tool. Click a colour then click a wall to preview your colours in
a room setting.

You’ll be able to see how your main colour coordinates with your accent colours, modify your choices, and create the perfect colour palette. You’ll be more confident about your colour choices after previewing them on the visualizer.

The ColourSmart by BEHR® mobile app for smart phones and tablets offers the features you’ll find online, but it’s portable! Do you like the paint colour you saw in a restaurant or a friend’s house? On the ColourSmart by BEHR® app, just take a picture of the wall, and the Photo Match feature will tell you which Behr colour it’s closest to. From your mobile device, you can browse through photos of a large variety of rooms, and test out different colour combinations on the walls at the tap of your finger.

Save your favorite colours and photos in your app workbook, and share them on Twitter and Facebook to get your friends’ opinions. The app also allows you to calculate how much paint you need for a given room, and even helps you locate the nearest Home Depot store, making it easy to pick up some samples on your way home. The ColourSmart by BEHR® app is available for download at no cost, for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Home renovators just like you are sharing their stories and photos of how they successfully turned around a room using colour from Behr. Join in and share your experience on our Facebook
or Twitter pages.

Now that you have some ideas and have narrowed down the list to your top choices, it’s time to try them out. Head to Home Depot to purchase paint samples, or order them online and get them shipped to you. It’s important to try out your colours on your walls. A stripe card shows the colours beautifully, but seeing the paint on your walls is a more realistic way to see how attractive the Sweet Taffy pink looks in your daughter’s nursery, or how the Aztec Brick looks in your living room. Look at the paint in natural light during the day, and with your installed lighting system at night, since lighting changes the way you
see the colour.

Wasn’t that fun? With a freshly painted home in new, custom-chosen colours, you are now a colour expert. Don’t be surprised when your friends start asking you for advice. Now’s the time to sit back, and appreciate what
you’ve accomplished.