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Modern, Sophisticated, Simple.


If you want a clean, streamlined style in your home, consider the sophisticated simplicity of modern design. With harmony of colour and a classic, symmetrical essence at its core, this style creates a room that is pure and minimalist. Achieving this look may seem easy to accomplish, however, the characteristics of the modern style require you to be ready to pare down your furnishings to the bare essentials. Rooms that are clutter-free and balanced require planning, a creative sensibility, and a commitment to maintaining that streamlined look.


To achieve this look, start by drawing out a floor plan. Drawing a floor plan will enable you to organize your ideas into a visual picture. Before beginning your design scheme though, be clear of the function and mood you want to create in your space. The function and mood will direct you in your placement of furniture and décor, as well as the colour choice for your space



When designing a space with simplicity in mind, an important goal is the balance and placement of furnishings and décor. Simple, modern style focuses on a symmetrical approach to achieve a sense of harmony and proportion. Furniture is positioned to create balance in the room; décor items are placed to enhance that ideal of perfect symmetry. When incorporating a modern, streamlined design, it is the equilibrium achieved by balancing the scale, shape and proportion of your furniture and décor accessories that will define the style. Heavy, dark furniture that is placed at one end of a long room will throw the room off-balance. However, by repositioning the furniture so that it is centered in the room and by offsetting the dark furniture with a lighter wall colour, the room will gain symmetry and proportion. The function of the room will help you determine the direction of your floor plan. If you are decorating a media room, for example, then you want your furnishings to be arranged around your media center. For a living room primarily used for entertaining, arrange your furniture to create “social groupings” and allow enough open space for mingling and social activities.


The modern, streamlined interior design style calls for a sophisticated, simple colour palette. Limiting your colour palette to a few key colours will keep the look minimal and clean. A profusion of colour will only detract from the style. Consider using warm colours to create environments that are inviting and energizing. For a more serene atmosphere, choose cool colours. Whatever colours you choose, make sure that the palette remains simple. The function and mood will direct you in your placement of furniture and décor, as well as the colour choice for your space


Modern design works best with a simple colour palette. Choose colours that keep the look clean and harmonious. If you are decorating your kitchen, for example, and want a cool, relaxing atmosphere, consider a colour such as light green. For a warmer, more inviting ambience, a pale peach colour on the walls is soft and comforting.


With its paired windows, this serene dining area has innate symmetrical characteristics. The effect is enhanced by placing the dining table directly in front of the fireplace to maintain a balanced look. Although they possess a rustic quality, the simple lines of the dining chairs are in keeping with the modern style of the room. The calming ambience set by the blue walls, bordered by pure white trim, keeps the look light and elegant.


Simple and straightforward, the design of this bedroom makes use of the symmetrical placement of the windows. Enhanced by strategically placed shelves and picture frames, the placement of the bed and nightstand enhances the sense of balance and proportion. The simple colour palette of grey and green creates a space that is relaxing and sophisticated.


Because of their unifying nature, uncomplicated monochromatic palettes also work beautifully in modern spaces. Walls painted in different hues from the same colour family add visual interest without detracting from the purity of modern style. Create a space that is naturally peaceful and restful with a palette of soft mint green paired with accents in darker pine green.


Neutral palettes are popular choices for spaces where the emphasis is on simplicity. These hues possess a calming and contemplative quality; they bring a sense of comfort to minimalist surroundings. Unifying by nature, the neutral shades such as taupe, grey, and beige are peaceful and relaxing. Because they are flexible and timeless, neutrals allow you to easily vary the look of your room merely by changing accents and furnishings.


A gorgeous and effortless palette of warm tan paired with deep taupe is utilized to great effect in this striking living room. Pairing perfectly with the tan and taupe walls, stunning accents in shades of white and aqua add a cool, fresh presence.


Adding a splash of colour to an accent wall is another design technique that will add depth and character to the modern home. Make a stylish statement with a neutral palette by adding an accent wall in a cool colour such as a deep eggplant. This adds a focal point of colour, breaking up the uniformity of the neutral palette. The accent colour will allow you to coordinate your accessories to that accent colour to create an elegant and unified whole.


Create subtle contrasts by accessorizing with patterned and textured décor items that are coordinated to your colour palette. Select décor pieces with simple patterns; do not overwhelm the streamlined essence of the style with a profusion of patterns. Decorative pillows and shag area rugs are an easy and cost-effective way to add personality and visual interest to your space. Luxurious faux-fur throws will add a sense of richness to an otherwise minimal design scheme. Be judicious and objective when accessorizing—stay true to the minimalist style and limit the amount of décor items you add to your space.


The appeal of the modern home lies in the symmetry and balance that exists between colour and design. Appreciated for its timeless virtues of sleek lines, open spaces, and simple colour palettes, the modern style will give your home a sophisticated and stylish essence.