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PREMIUM PLUS® Interior/Exterior Oil-Based Primer & Sealer

PREMIUM PLUS® Interior/Exterior Oil-Based Primer & Sealer

BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Oil-Based Primer & Sealer provides a mildew resistant finish and blocks stains from smoke and fire damage. It helps inhibit rust and is tintable for dramatic colour changes.

Where to Use
Ideal for Masonry, Stucco, Galvanized Metal, Vinyl, Aluminum, Wood, Concrete and on glossy surfaces or oil-based paint.
23-37 m2

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Where to Use

Over properly prepared uncoated and previously painted Interior/Exterior surfaces. Ideal for well-bonded Wallpaper, Steel, Wrought Iron and Wood.

Usage Summary

4-6 HR Dries to Touch
12-24 HR Ready to Topcoat

23-37 m2

(250-400 Sq. Ft)


Mineral Spirits

from Freezing


  • All surfaces should be properly prepared and cleaned.
  • Remove loose paint, wash off chalk, dirt, and grease with detergent, rinse and allow to dry.
  • Wash bare metal. Rinse and allow to dry. Remove mildew stains with a mildew stain removing product.
  • Scuff sand glossy surfaces and repair imperfections. Remove all dust with a damp cloth, allow to dry.
  • For new or uncoated wood, use a product such as BEHR PREMIUM® All-In-One Wood Cleaner No. 63.


  • Apply when air and surface temperatures are between 7-32° C.
  • Stir primer occasionally. Do not thin.
  • Product is formulated for use at package consistency only.
  • Use a high quality 10-13 mm nap roller cover, natural bristle brush or an airless sprayer (.015-.019" spray tip, 60 mesh filter).
  • Spot prime patched areas first, followed with a complete primer coat.
  • Topcoat within 30 days. Two coats may be required.
  • Bright or deep colours require a tinted primer.
  • Have primer tinted close to topcoat colour with no more than 118 mL of colourant per 3.79 L.


  • For disposal of empty containers, unused paint and soiled rags, contact your household refuse collection service.

To consult with a Behr Certified Coatings Professional, call 1-800-661-1591.