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BEHR PREMIUM® Decorative Flakes No. F-50

BEHR PREMIUM® Decorative Flakes No. F-50

Transform your concrete floor into a beautiful surface that has the look of granite or terrazzo. BEHR PREMIUM Decorative Flakes are available in a variety of color combinations to match any décor, adding beauty and elegance to residential and commercial floors. BEHR PREMIUM Decorate Flakes help to hide dirt and surface imperfections and can be used with water and oil-based coatings.

Gray, Tan and Metallic Blends
Where to Use
Garage Floors, Driveways, Basements, Patios, Sidewalks, Pools Decks and Laundry Rooms.
125 Sq. Ft. - 250 Sq. Ft. per Pouch

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  1. IMPORTANT: For a light chip pattern toss the color flakes evenly over a 250 sq. ft. area. For a heavy chip pattern toss the color chips evenly over a 125 sq. ft. area.
  2. Work in 3' x 3' (1 x 1 m) sections to ensure that the color flakes are evenly distributed.
  3. Apply color flakes directly onto the wet painted surface.
  4. Throw the color flakes up into the air and let them distribute evenly on the wet painted surface.
  5. Repeat these steps until you have finished the entire area.
  6. After the surface is completely dry, sweep up any loose flakes remaining on the surface.

CAUTION: May cause eye and skin irritation.

To consult with a Behr Certified Coatings Professional, call Behr Pro Hotline Toll Free number at 1-877-776-3961 (U.S.A. only).