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Color Services

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Color is a tricky thing. Some people are good at imagining it on walls and exteriors, others have a much harder time. Behr Professional Color Services can help you and your customers see the potential of every color and combination so you can paint with complete confidence.

Available to qualified customers. Ask your Behr Account Manager for details.

Digital Color Renderings

Working with a digital image, your BEHR PROTM Rep can apply multiple color schemes to every surface of your property. Unlike color chips, digital color renderings offer a complete and graphic representation of how your property will ultimately look. From base and accent colors to flashing and doors, if it’s going to be painted, we can show you how it will look. Because mistakes in color selection can be time consuming and costly, color renderings are the best and most cost-efficient way to get a sense of the final aesthetic of your property.

Custom Color Matching

Whether you’re trying to match a corporate color or a shade of a carpet, we can do it. Using cutting-edge spectrophotometer technology, we can convert any sample into a spectrodata digital representation, and make adjustments based upon the lighting and requirements of the coating (i.e., hide and fade resistance).

Full-Size Drawdown Samples

Ideal for helping you evaluate your color selections on a large scale, our drawdown samples are available as full 8-½" x 11" sheets. They’re a handy tool for narrowing down color and finish choices.

Color Books

A complete archive of every color and every product used on every surface in your project. It provides a permanent, accurate record of all your coatings, specs, and warranties to make future maintenance smooth and streamlined.

Color Boards

Perfect for showcasing color schemes and palettes, these oversized 20" x 30" boards are a great way to bring your vision to life for yourself and other stakeholders through actual paint chips.