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Technical Services

Contact us if a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is not available or you have questions.
United States

1-800-854-0133 ext. 2

Mon - Fri, 6am-5pm PST
Sat, 7am-3:30pm PST
Sun, Closed


Mon - Fri, 7am-6pm MST
Sat, 8am-4:30pm MST
Sun, Closed

Once a submittal is accepted, your Account Manager will schedule and coordinate a comprehensive job walk to ensure every stakeholder in your project is on the same page before bidding even begins.

On-Site Job Walks

Prospective paint contractors, as well as representatives of your management or ownership group, will all participate in a job walk in which the scope and specifications will be reviewed in detail and on-site. A single, coordinated job walk streamlines the bidding process and ensures that all prospective paint contractors are bidding with the same understanding of the needs and specifications of the project.

Substrate Condition Observation

If your Account Manager notes an area with existing problems (e.g. rusting surfaces or substrate deterioration due to water damage) that require more than basic prep, he/she will document it photographically, and provide prep suggestions in the final specification book.

Specification Book

Each project specification book includes prep suggestions, a comprehensive schedule, technical data, and a complete coatings list, including product system recommendations to increase the durability and integrity of specialized surfaces such as concrete floors and walkways.


Behr’s commercial submittal process ensures that you’re getting the right painting system for the job. From primers to topcoats, submittals outline a complete and foolproof system including required certifications, TDSs and MSDS. It doesn’t matter if you’re painting an airport or repainting a restaurant, your submittal will include the details and documentation you need to get a project approved and in process.